Is swallowed chewing gum harmful? Can the part get stuck anywhere in the body? 

All chewing gum lovers will be pleased with the answer because it is completely harmless if you swallow one of them. Even chewing gum a day is not a problem for a healthy person. The actual chewing gum is indigestible. That is, it passes through the esophagus and then comes to the stomach. In the stomach, or at the latest, in the small intestine, all digestible ingredients such as sugar are extracted and absorbed. The indigestible material is transported on to be excreted from the body in the stool sometime later.

Chewing Gum | Is swallowed chewing gum harmful

Since chewing gum is quite small and elastic, the body can handle it well, so, is swallowed chewing gum harmful? It can be difficult if several pieces of chewing gum are swallowed together or chewing gum is swallowed with other indigestible pieces like pieces of plastic.

Either the chewing gum is stuck to the indigestible part and then too big or no longer elastic enough for the normal development through the body. Such pieces, depending on their size, could get stuck somewhere in the digestive tract. People with stomach or intestine disorders should not swallow chewing gum because this makes it easier for them to clump together. However, such cases have only been described very sporadically worldwide.

From a medical point of view, chewing sugar-free gum is recommended. In addition to the beneficial properties for dental care by increasing the flow of saliva, there is also ventilation of the ear trumpets, relaxation of the jaw and neck muscles, and better cerebral blood flow, which in turn increases concentration and memory. In addition, it cannot be overlooked that chewing gum relieves stress and consumes a lot of energy.

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Sugar Free Chewing Gum | Is swallowed chewing gum harmful

Despite the many good effects, chewing gum should not be done excessively. Chewing gum fans should definitely pay attention to things like if you regularly only chew on one side, it can lead to inclined jaws and uneven chewing muscles. To really do something good for your teeth, chewing gum should not contain sugar.

The sugar substitutes xylitol and sorbitol have been proven not to damage tooth enamel. However, people who are sensitive to sugar substitutes should pay attention to the amount of sugar substitute in chewing gum. Too much of it leads to abdominal pain, gas, and diarrhea.

Rules Of Conduct For Chewing Gum – What happens if you swallow gum?

Removing a piece of chewing gum from the street costs a lot of money. Children under the age of five should also not be offered chewing gum, as they do not yet understand how to chew without swallowing. For all chewing gum lovers, if you like it, you should chew, but also think of your fellow human beings. Your mouth should remain closed while chewing and chewing should be silent and bubble-free. Personally, you should chew slowly, evenly, and carefully. Inattentiveness or chewing gum while exercising can lead to aspiration, i.e. inhalation into the airways. Then the chewing gum is life-threatening.

Rules of conduct for chewing gum | What Happens If You Swallow Chewing Gum

Even if the chewing gum is safe to swallow, it should be spat out after chewing. But please do not spit it just anywhere out in the street. If it is not removed, it can take up to five years to resolve on its own.

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Chewing gum must not be spit in hedges or in the grass, because otherwise the birds will mistake it for food and stick their beak together. Then they die excruciating starvation.

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