There’s a relationship combination that sees both the best and the worst of this world, without trying too hard, and that combination is of an introvert and an extrovert. Nothing, and we’re pretty sure nothing, is as amazing and as painful than being an introvert dating an extrovert.

Along with being constantly surrounded by a hyperactive soul, the tragedy is often misconstrued by many. The thing is, an introvert dating an extrovert has a handful that can be taken in both positive and negative ways.

While various movies, books and what not, have gone on to draw a weird kind of romanticism out of this combination, no one wants to talk about the complications. In short, no one wants to discuss the problems that an introvert dating an extrovert, faces on a daily basis. There are fights, long talks, an extensive amount of going out and so much more, all thanks to how opposite both of you are.

Here are 10 things that every introvert dating an extrovert will relate to, no matter how short or extended your relationship is or has been.

1. You just can’t have a chilled weekend where you as a couple do nothing but be in your comfiest clothes binge watching an amazing show. All this because an extrovert has a deep urge to constantly do something.

intovert dating an extrovert 1

2. They can make friends with anyone and we literally mean anyone, and while it might be helpful at times, more often than not, it’s irritating.

intovert dating an extrovert 2

3. There are texts. An endless amount of texts that constantly need a prompt response.

intovert dating an extrovert 3

4. However, be with them for a little time and you’ll start missing their texts.

intovert dating an extrovert 4

5. Sometimes, at a party, you end up becoming the third wheel because they’re basically talking to everyone.

intovert dating an extrovert 5

6. Some of the most romantic moments between you two are when they want to go out, yet decide to laze around, just because you feel like it.

intovert dating an extrovert 6

7. In this introvert dating an extrovert relationship, both of you have turned each other into a really good listener and talker.

intovert dating an extrovert 7

8. While it was difficult at first, you can almost talk about anything with them, all thanks to their ability to ask all the right questions at any given point in time.

intovert dating an extrovert 8

9. Trying to explain to them that at times you do need a little time and space for yourself, often comes out as insensitive and insulting.

intovert dating an extrovert 9

10. In the end, you actually appreciate all the difference because you both balance each other out really well. While it might not be easy, it’s always interesting.

intovert dating an extrovert 10

Now is the perfect time to tell your extrovert S.O. how much you adore them, no matter how big of a pain in the a** they are.

Jyotsna Amla

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