UNO is a famous card game that is easy to play and the whole family can play it together. We will discuss the basic rules that apply to UNO. Let’s learn how to play UNO.

The well-known and popular card game Uno has been providing fun for the whole family for many years. The game was developed in 1969, based on a different traditional game idea by a hairdresser in Milford and since then, it has enjoyed increasing popularity. The toy manufacturer Amigo sold the card game until 1992. 

How to Play UNO – Rules & Instructions

UNO rules

Basic game features

Number of players: 2 to 8 people

Cards:  108 Uno cards

Other:  Note and pen for noting the points

The card game Uno consists of a total of 108 special cards, which are divided into four color categories (red, yellow, green & blue). In each color category, there are playing cards with the numbers from 0 to 9 and three action cards.

The game also includes eight other black action cards. All cards are duplicated, except for the card with the number zero.

How to Play UNO – The goal of the game

Uno is a world-famous card game, the aim of which is to discard your cards as quickly as possible. The game is played with a special card sheet.

The player who is the first to discard all cards in hand receives points for all cards that are still held in the hand by the other players. The first player to score 500 points wins the game.

How to Play UNO – Game Preparation

The cards are shuffled carefully and each player is dealt 7 cards, which he picks up so that the other players cannot see his hand. The remaining cards form a deck of cards and are placed face down in the middle of the table.

Furthermore, the top card from this pile is turned up and placed next to it to form the discard pile. Now it is drawn which player may start the round.

How to play Uno – Rules

how to play UNO cards

The player, in turn, places a matching card from his hand on the discarded pile. 

The following rules apply

Only a card of the same color or number can be placed on another playing card.

If there is no matching card, a penalty card is drawn from the face-down pile and can be played back immediately if it is suitable. Then it is the next player’s turn.

If a player has only one card left, he must signal this clearly by saying the word “Uno”. If this is forgotten and noticed by another player, 2 cards must be drawn as a penalty.

The one who can play his last card wins the round and the points of the other players are credited to his account.

Action Cards

DRAW +2 CARD (playing card with the number +2 in the corners)

Draw 2 Card

If this action card is discarded, the next player must draw 2 cards from the stack and take them into his hand. In addition, he cannot discard a card in this round.

The draw two cards can only be placed on the appropriate color or upon another action card of this type. If it is turned up at the start of the game, these rules also apply.

REVERSE CARD (playing card with two opposite arrows in the middle)

Reverse Card

The direction of play changes here. Previously, if the game was played clockwise, the round would continue. This card can only be placed on another return card or a card of the same color.

If this card is turned up right at the start, the dealer begins and the player on the right is the next.

uno rules with cards

SKIP CARD (playing card with a crossed-out circle in the corners)

Skip Card

The next player is skipped when this card is played. It can only be played in the same color or another card of this type and if the card is turned up at the beginning, the player on the left of the dealer is skipped.


Color Choice Card

Whoever places this card can decide which card color should be discarded next. At the beginning of the game, the next player can also choose the color.


Four Color Choice Card

This is the best action card because here the player is not only allowed to decide which color should be played, but the following opponent must also draw 4 penalty cards from the stack and take them into his hand.

This player may not discard another card in the round. However, this card may only be discarded if its owner has no other suitable color that fits on the discard pile.

Of course, the player can also bluff and discard this card without permission. However, if he is caught doing so, certain rules apply, which are explained in more detail below.


uno rules game

If a player does not follow the rules, he must draw one or more penalty cards. Here are the rules as follows:

  •  If a player forgets to say “Uno”, if he has discarded his penultimate card, two penalty cards must be drawn up if the other players catch him.
  • If a player makes suggestions to his opponents as to how or what they should play best, two cards are also drawn.
  • If a card is accidentally discarded by a player who is not in turn, the discarded card must be put back in hand and another card penalized.
  • The +4 card may only be discarded if the player does not have the current color himself. If the player who has to draw the 4 cards believes that it was played incorrectly, he can challenge his opponent. He then has to show him all the cards in his hand. If it is determined that the card has not been played out incorrectly, the player must draw six instead of four cards. However, if the other player was convicted and the card was actually wrongly discarded, the player himself must take up the four penalty cards.

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The following division of points applies to the cards:

  • All number cards: the value of the corresponding number
  • Draw two cards: 20 points
  • Return card: 20 points
  • Expose card: 20 points
  • Color choice card: 50 points
  • Draw +four color choice card: 50 points

The points are added at the end of the round and the player who was the first to discard his complete cards receives the points. The first player with a total of 500 points is the winner of the game. 

Another way to end it is by finding who still has cards left at the end of the game. 

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