Many people long for less stress in their professional and private lives and more leisure and fun time. With a few tips on the right time management, efficiency in the job can be increased ultimately reducing the stress level. Correct time management, therefore, helps to relieve everyday stress, improve well-being and gradually improve the quality of life. Therefore, we have put together a few time management tips for everyday life. Remember, the day has 24 hours, but these are not just there to work, you just need to learn how to manage time.

These time management tips can help you have more time for the really important things in life and they can help you create your own personal time management system. All you have to do is implement them without compromise. Because your time is valuable and there is nothing more precious than time in this world.

1. How To Manage Time – Work with a task list

You have to make sure that you process your tasks in a properly organized manner. This only works if you keep a To-Do list. It doesn’t matter whether you do it by computer or by hand.

How to manage time

Keep these things in mind

  1. End each task on this list with a verb (company XYZ – call, blog article – write).
  2. Set a time limit for all tasks on this list and note this next to the respective task.
  3. Sort the tasks on your list according to priorities and then work through them step by step.
  4. I do all of these steps with the To-Do list tool.

2. How To Manage Time – Set Priorities

As mentioned in the first tip, you should always rank your tasks according to priorities, so that you can work through them step by step from the most important to the least important.

  1. First of all, do the most uncomfortable task of the day.
  2. This is followed by the most important task of the day.
  3. Only then will it be the turn of important and urgent tasks.
  4. Now the non-urgent, but important tasks follow.
  5. Spend the rest of the day doing less important tasks that also need to be done.

3. How To Manage Time – Plan Your Day

Time management tip

You already did that with the first two time management tips, but there are usually a few elements missing for daily planning. Now that you have set the priorities correctly, you should put your tasks into a timetable. This means you set a time frame for each of your tasks and enter it in the calendar. You always have an overview of what has to be done next and how much time you have to do.

4. How To Manage Time – Set weekly and daily Goals

Goals help you to always focus on what’s important. So your goals are the common thread with which you work through the week or your day. By setting these goals, you automatically focus on what’s important. It is essential to have these goals in writing.

5. How To Manage Time – Eliminate, Automate And Delegate

These three steps are essential when it comes to better managing your time. Of all the time management tips in the world, you will hardly find a better one.


Eliminate all tasks, projects, and things that are of no use to you. Search your task list in the next few days and you will certainly find what you are looking for. Make sure to question the purpose behind each of your tasks.


Defining automation is no longer difficult in this age of technology. For example, you can define rules for your email inbox, or work with the tools that pretty much do everything for you.

time management tips


Anything that you couldn’t eliminate or automate, and what’s not important enough to do it yourself, should be delegated to the eligible person.

6. How To Manage Time – Block time for similar tasks

No matter whether it is e-mails, administrative work or any sort of repetitive work, try and fix the time frame to complete these tasks. You can set your own time table, during the day or the week so that you only need to deal with them at a specific time.

7. How To Manage Time – Do small tasks while waiting7

Smaller tasks can also be processed in between without problems. Like, if you are waiting for public transport, a meeting, or a doctor’s appointment, then it is the right time to do these little things. In such times you can answer emails, organize file storage, empty the photo memory on your smartphone and similar things. This way the waiting time will be used sensibly.

8. How To Manage Time – Dictate Instead Of Typing

A lot can now be done with voice input. For example, you can send voice messages via WhatsApp, voice emails via Gmail, or create blog articles using voice to text software. This not only gives you both hands-free, it is also up to three times faster than typing.

9. How To Manage Time – Avoid Time Thieves

Time management tips2

There are many Time Thieves like people around you, social media applications or things that you can avoid. Try to find such time thieves and eliminate them as soon as possible.

10. How To Manage Time – Learn To Say No

It’s even vital if you want to be productive and efficient and if you want more time for the really important things in life. Of all these time management tips, it is definitely the most difficult to implement but can be done with a strong will.

11. How To Manage Time – Completing a task Is Better Than Perfect

Perfectionism is one of the greatest time thieves. Sure, you should do the work well, maybe very well, but perfect is not necessary for many areas. Completing tasks well, easily and quickly and you will be better off than someone who does his things perfectly but needs forever to do them.

You will have to adopt this attitude at some point because things are never perfect for others.

12. How To Manage Time – Work on the important things only

Time management tip 3

It is necessary to work on the important things and to either minimize or eliminate the unimportant things. Check every project and every task before you start and make sure if it is necessary to implement it.

13. How To Manage Time – Never Postpone

If you postpone work, it automatically means that the backlog continues to increase. Postponing also means having constant stress for the incomplete task. You will always be inhibited because you always have the postponed work in mind and can never work 100% productively and efficiently.

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Take these time management tips to heart and you will suddenly have a lot more free time. More free time for really important things, such as your family, friends, sports, and hobbies.

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