Some people notice even before they are being watched, while others don’t even pay attention until too late. The phenomenon of sensing the look behind the neck, however, is undisputed. This particular ability is sometimes referred to as the human seventh sense. But how do people notice that other people are watching them? 

Man spying on woman | why does it feel like someone is watching me

How exactly a look is felt, how you know eyes are watching you, which senses are involved in feeling, and what exactly is going on in the body has not yet been scientifically clarified, still, science says people are watching you. The seventh sense, as well as other unexplainable human abilities, are therefore often referred to as paranormal and placed in the esoteric corner that is not to be taken seriously. Nevertheless, even in everyday life, one repeatedly comes across phenomena that surprise and, above all, are more than just coincidences, but how do people notice that other people are watching them?

The so-called seventh sense can be seen as a collective sense that consists of more than the five known channels of perception. Special abilities of this kind served as protection for humans at the beginning of evolution. Back when we were still animal beings, it was necessary for protection to sharpen one’s senses in such a way that one could perceive dangers from all sides. Today these skills are usually no longer needed and are therefore greatly reduced. All animals living in the wild that have to protect themselves from opponents or hunters have retained such protective abilities.

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Many Theoretical Approaches But No Results – The psychology of feeling like you are being watched

Some researchers believe that one can influence the development of structures with the help of so-called morphic fields and therefore the gaze of another person can also be felt in the neck or back. Others assume electromagnetic fields or physical reactions in the environment. Still, others think that all people are connected by a network anyway and this does not mean the Internet.

Watched | the psychology of feeling like you are being watched

Certain human abilities, such as sensing a look from behind, are undisputed. Even if the psychotherapist finds the term seventh sense somewhat inappropriate, the phenomenon can be described as a special body perception, which probably originates primarily from the skin. Not least because of this, one also speaks of the look behind the neck, as this is usually uncovered by clothing and thus unprotected and sensitive.

Priorities, Stress, and Motivation

Nevertheless, not everyone can feel the gaze on the back of their necks, because there are serious differences in the sensitivity of people, which can even depend on how well they are on the day and their motivation. Stress can be an inhibiting factor on the one hand, and an intensifying factor on the other. For example, a husband who is involved in an affair and suspects that his wife is tailing him will be much more vigilant if he does not want to be caught than a husband who is tailed but does not hide anything.

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Conscience plays a major role here. The person is of course under high pressure, which is comparable to being hunted. In the example mentioned, this leads to a sharpening of the senses, whereby the focus of increased attention is directed towards the pursuer. At the same time, this means that other things or others are largely hidden. Detective agencies know how to use this and in such cases successfully employ several observers.

Eyes | How you know eyes are watching you

A manager, on the other hand, who is busy with his work in his head and absent-mindedly moves from A to B in everyday life will most certainly not be able to sense whether he is being observed or not, because he is distracted by other things that seem more important to him. The more often he behaves like this, the more the ability to pay special attention in his body withers.

People who are looking for a partner, on the other hand, keep their eyes and ears open. For example, singles at parties, many people can quickly notice when someone is watching them over a longer period. Others, on the other hand, must first be informed by friends or acquaintances that they are being given a long look. How pronounced this sensitivity is in people depends on various factors.

Feeling The Eye Can Be Trained

The special human senses, which are stunted or buried in many today, can, however, be trained. Especially in helping professions or for therapists, judges, and police officers, it is particularly important to intuitively assess certain situations. It is essential to be aware of your feelings and premonitions and, in case of doubt, to be able to express them. To train your special abilities, you can make notes on which you can see what you suspect. This can then be compared with the reality experienced. When making judgments, it is good to give up part of reasonable thinking in favor of what is known as a gut feeling.

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The constant awareness of the moment is a good technique. This can be done through various practices. Meditation, breathing exercises, and any other technique that causes the mind to calm down for a while are useful.

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