Monica is considered to be the epitome of cleanliness, heck, she could be called the first on-screen character who had a major case of OCD. We still use her as a reference for anyone and everyone who can’t digest or see dirt and has an urge to clean every time and all the time. But there is another kind of people around us, the ones who don’t know anything about being an adult and how often should you wash your stuff.

If you’re one of these people, then don’t blame yourself because darling, no one really knows the expiration on cleanliness for certain things in our lives. We have been just repeating what our parents used to do, without asking a single question. But, it’s high time now.

In order to be a successful adult in your life, you need to have a sound knowledge about anything and everything that you do every day. From house chores to routine cleanliness and even your personal hygiene, comes with a specific time period after which they demand a thorough wash and today we’ll be sharing those specifics with you.

So, start pointing these out get a sound understanding about how often should you wash your stuff.

1. Your Hair


Many people have the habit of washing their hair every single day, but this can strip away the natural oils from your scalp, leaving it extremely dry and brittle in the long rung. So, the answer to how often should you wash your hair is every other day. If your scalp produces more oil then introduce dry shampoo in your life and see the wonders it does.

2. Your Sheets

Sheets wash

How often should you clean your sheets: Once a week.

Sheets can be a tricky subject to understand how often should it be washed since not everyone thinks that not changing it on a regular basis can do any harm. However, eczema, asthma and hay fever can be triggered by dust mites which regularly resides on your sheets.

3. Your Jeans

Jeans wash
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How often should you wash jeans: After every five to six wears.

Do you know that every time you wash your jeans, they shrink a little? Which means that you don’t need to wash them after every wear or else very soon they’ll stop fitting you and lose all of their finish. Remember to wash your jeans by turning it inside out and only wash them in cold water, in order to maintain its life.

4. Your Mattress

Mattress wash

How often should you wash mattress: Every 6 months

We all know of someone who has never washed their mattress since it is such a big task, but, despite the size, even this thing requires a thorough cleaning session, after all, you spend a large chunk of your time sleeping on it. The best way to clean it is by first vacuuming the top of it and then clean it subtly with a damp cloth to remove any stains from it.

5. Your Carpet

Carpet wash

How often should you wash carpet: Once a year

The answer to this question is directly proportional to how dirty your carpet appears and how expensive it is. While a regular vacuum is mandatory to keep it clean, a thorough wash is something that every carpet should get at least once or twice a year.

6. Your Refrigerator

refrigerator clean

How often should you clean refrigerator: Once a week.

You keep everything that you eat and put inside your body, in your refrigerator which makes its cleanliness a very important task to be carried out on a weekly basis. Keep your food germ free, so that you can be germ free and healthy. Use a concoction of equal parts water and vinegar and then swipe your refrigerator clean, both inside and out.

7. Your Bras

bra wash

How often should you wash your bra: Every three to four wears

Contrary to the popular belief, you don’t need to wash your bras daily, however, make it a point to never wear the same bra two days in a row. Your bra’s elastic needs time to reshape, at least 24 hours, so take few bras and wear them on a rotation basis. Plus, regular washing of bras can wear them out very early and we all know how expensive a good bra is, which makes the entire process even heavier on the pocket.

8. Your Pillows

pillow washing

How often should you clean your pillows: Every three months

The pillows that you use accumulate a lot of dust and dirt than what you can even expect, which is why they should be regularly washed and cleaned. Once every three months is a good time. You can simply wash it in your washing machine, followed by a drying routine.

9. Your Towel

towel wash

How often should you wash your towel: Once every week

Again, the answer to this question is directly proportional to how you take care of your towel after drying yourself out and during the day. As long as, you’re doing it correctly, you can wait a week before throwing them in the machine for a good wash session.

These were some of the common things that we use on a regular basis and how often should you wash/clean them. Make a point of these and remember them to maintain the longevity of your stuff and keep them looking fresh and healthy.

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