Cola is really not what we call healthy. It does not contain any vitamins, but it does contain phosphoric acid, caffeine and a lot of sugar. There are 21 grams of sugar in 200 ml of cola, which is approximately a glass. That’s about seven pieces of sugar cubes or slightly more than 5 teaspoons of granulated sugar.

If you consume a lot of colas, you run the risk of becoming overweight. This in turn can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or cancer. In children and adolescents, high consumption of sweet drinks, not just cola but any kind, also affects the metabolism in the bones as their mineral content decreases.

Teeth suffer even without sugar

Healthy Teeth

The phosphoric acid contained in cola can also have serious consequences affecting the teeth at least. There is evidence that it leads to osteoporosis. A study showed that women who drank cola regularly had a lower bone density. This was evident when consuming less than three glasses of cola per week. However, it is not yet clear if it was actually the cola that caused the lower bone density of the bones.

It is clear that a high blood phosphate level can damage the blood vessels. Inflammation and calcification occur more often in people who drink more Cola. The risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases also increases. High consumption of Cola also leads to erosion damage. Those who drink cola every day contribute to the destruction of the tooth enamel by means of phosphoric acid. The tooth is demineralized becoming more sensitive, brittle and loses strength and density. Dentists can tell you a thing or two about it as they often see it in their patients. The acidity in orange juice and red wine can also be dangerous for tooth enamel.

Caffeine is also Dangerous

Caffeine is dangerous
Pharmacology update

And how can the caffeine content of cola be assessed after sugar and phosphoric acid? 150 ML of coffee, that’s a cup, contains 60 to 120 ML of caffeine. The same amount of cola, on the other hand, only about 10 to 14 ML of caffeine. So cola is a more moderate stimulant. A healthy person can drink three to four cups of coffee throughout the day in good conscience. Therefore, a moderate consumption of caffeine is not harmful to adults. Caffeine also has stimulating effects on the central nervous system. It is known to increase concentration and performance.

However, those who have high blood pressure should avoid coffee and cola. The reason is that caffeine also affects the heart as it widens the coronary arteries and increases the pulse. Consumed in large quantities caffeine can lead to restlessness, tremors, stomach problems, sweating and rapid heartbeat even in healthy people.

The Sugar Free Version of Cola

Sugar free cola

Now, you would certainly ask if the consumption of Cola without caffeine or sugar-free Cola, safe to drink. Sodium cyclamate, acesulfame K and aspartame are what give cola light and zero their sweetness. So, Is this calorie-free and chemically sweetened variant generally healthier?

Moderate consumption of sweeteners is currently considered safe. But how much sweetener you consume with sugar-free cola remains hidden from the consumer. But one thing is clear, that you can’t avoid phosphoric acid even with caffeine-free cola light or sugar free Cola. There is simply no cola variant that is as healthy as a glass of water.

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