Chocolate poisoning is life-threatening for dogs. Compared to humans, dogs have entirely different metabolism, and chocolate is dangerous for dogs. But Why Can’t Dogs Eat Chocolate, and why is it poisonous for dogs? Let’s Find Out.

why should dogs not eat chocolate

Is it true that dogs can’t eat chocolate? The answer is yes. However, your dog’s risk depends on what chocolate he eats, how big your dog is, and how much he consumes.

The ingredient in the chocolate toxic to your dog is called theobromine. The human body processes theobromine very efficiently. In contrast, this process takes much longer in dogs, which means that toxic levels are built up in the dog’s body. So, the answer to the question’ Is chocolate poisonous for dogs?’ depends on the theobromine content of the chocolate.

We have no idea how poisonous some of our everyday food is for our dog. We can actually harm our dog out of ignorance. Even a small amount of chocolate can lead to symptoms of poisoning. Ingestion of small quantities of chocolate also spread over a more extended period can even be fatal for the dog.

The theobromine contained in chocolate leads to over-stimulation of the nervous system with the consequence of anxiety, rapid heartbeat until the dog dies. That is why chocolate is unquestionably a poison for our dogs, and chocolate poisoning is a veterinary emergency.

Size Matters

chocolate for dogs

The answer to ‘Why Can’t Dogs Eat Chocolate?’ has another variable that is the size of the dog. A large dog can consume a lot more chocolate than a small dog before feeling health problems. You should also know that there are different types of chocolate, each with different theobromine content. Cocoa, cooked chocolate, and dark chocolate have the highest values, while milk chocolate or white chocolate have lower values.

A small amount of chocolate will most likely only cause your dog to get an upset stomach and maybe vomiting or diarrhea. More significant amounts, however, could have a more severe effect on him. In enough quantities, theobromine can cause muscle tremors, seizures, irregular palpitations, internal bleeding, or a heart attack.

When should you see the vet?

Theobromine poisoning is usually indicated by violent hyperactivity. Don’t worry if it’s just a small piece of chocolate, or if your beloved pet has helped you finish the last piece of your chocolate bar. These are not sufficient amounts of theobromine and cannot harm the dog.

However, if you have a small dog and it has eaten a whole box full of chocolate, you should visit the vet as soon as possible. Even if it is a small amount of dark or bitter chocolate, you should take the dog to the vet to be on the safe side.

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The high proportion of theobromine in dark chocolate means that only a small amount is needed to cause poisoning, 25 grams could be enough to poison a 20 kg dog.

why chocolate is bad for dogs

The most common treatment for theobromine poisoning is to induce vomiting within the first 2 hours after consumption. If you are concerned and think your dog has eaten more chocolate, please do not hesitate to call the vet immediately. It is vital to act within a short time.

Chance Of Survival In Chocolate Poisoning

Some part of survival is knowing Why Can’t Dogs Eat Chocolate and rest is taking immediate action. The earlier the countermeasures against chocolate poisoning begin, the higher the likelihood of survival. The absorption of the toxic active ingredients of chocolate from the intestine into the body needs to be prevented as early as possible after the poisoning.

This can be achieved if the dog owner keeps the amount of activated carbon dose in advance for his dog. The activated carbon must be administered immediately in the suspected case. After that, the dog must be taken to the vet as soon as possible.

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If the absorption of the poison into the body is prevented, and the dog does not show any typical symptoms of chocolate poisoning, the prognosis is good to very good. If the dog has diarrhea, ensure that it consumes a lot of fluid.

So, here’s Why Can’t Dogs Eat Chocolate. Your quick reaction is particularly important in the event that your dog has still got chocolate and eaten it. Don’t wait too long, no matter how much chocolate you eat.

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