A patient in Boston had a penis transplant. This is the first penis transplant to take place in the U.S. Although, it is world’s third penis transplant. The surgery took place at the Massachusetts General Hospital, where the surgeons announced that they have successfully completed the transplant.

Penis Transplant
image source: newsweek.com

The man was living without a penis for several years due to penile cancer and now things are looking better for him. The transplant scientifically known as reconstructive vascularized composite allograft, took 15 hours of time to be completed by the physicians.

The patient is a 64-year-old and his name is Thomas Manning. Manning is from Halifax, Massachusetts and he underwent a partial penectomy in 2012.

After the surgery, he is well and there are no signs of organ rejection, bleeding or infection, revealed Surgeons.

Penis Transplant
image source: pinknews.co.uk

The team of these physicians prepared for more than three and half years for this procedure. Several different specialists were needed in this surgery including different departments like plastic and reconstructive surgery, urology, psychiatry, infectious diseases, nursing and social work.

The procedure was to be performed in 2012 after the group of surgeons successfully performed a hand transplant, they worked closely with the New England Organ Bank and finally did it now.

The patient is more than happy and is thankful to the team of doctors for changing his life.

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17 May, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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