It is widely known that personal lifestyle plays an important role in the development of type 2 diabetes. But the choice of the profession also seems to influence the risk of diabetes. It is proven by a study conducted in Sweden. Find out about the risk factors for diabetes & how prone you are to it, according to what you do.

Risk Factors for Diabetes

Evaluation of 4.5 Million Patient’s Data

For the first time, a study was conducted to examine the connection between occupational profiles and diabetes. The study was based on data from around 4.5 million Swedish nationals from the national patient registry in Sweden. The data set belonged to the Swedish residents born between 1937 and 1979, who worked between 2001 and 2013 and were diagnosed with diabetes between 2006 and 2015. The aim was to identify occupations with an increased risk of diabetes.

High-Risk groups: Drivers, Factory and Cleaning Workers – Risk Factors for Diabetes

According to this, 4.2% of all Swedes had diabetes mellitus in 2013. Men fell ill more often than women. The drivers and workers in factories were affected in particular as over seven percent had type 2 diabetes. A similar picture emerged in women as an above-average number of diabetic women worked in factories, as cleaners or in large kitchens.

Least at Risk are IT Specialists and Managers

Among men, computer scientists had the fewest illnesses at 2.5%. In contrast, female employees in middle and upper management had the lowest rate of diabetes among women at 1.2%.

The study does not explain why this is so, however, as it only shows statistical relationships and does not conduct any research into the causes. Nevertheless, the researchers consider the results to be suitable for focusing on risk groups and introducing preventive measures.

How Prone Am i to Diabetes
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Social Status and Education Influence the Risk of Illness

It is a proven fact that the socially disadvantaged population has a risk of diabetes than the affluent people. People with a lower level of education, poor pay, and simpler jobs, have a 30 to 40% higher risk of contracting type 2 diabetes. However, the current study goes beyond that as it has identified specific occupations as risk factors for the first time.

Sedentary Lifestyle, Poor Diet, and Shift Work – Risk Factors for Diabetes

The fact that certain occupational groups are more susceptible to the metabolic disease has to do with the general risk factors for type 2 diabetes which are obesity, lack of exercise, elevated blood lipid levels, and high blood pressure. Professional drivers are obviously particularly at risk of developing diabetes due to the lack of exercise and the often one-sided, unhealthy eating associated with their work. Shift work, which is common in factories, is also known to be a risk factor.

Indications of Prediabetes

Demand for Prevention Programs in Companies

To enable those affected by diabetes to have a better quality of life but also long professional life, occupational medicine must focus more clearly on avoiding secondary diseases that could lead to early retirement. Targeted diabetes prevention programs with training on healthy eating and the importance of physical activity as well as a reduction in the number of rotating shifts could help.

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If you are an office worker, you might need to take a deeper look into your lifestyle, compare it with a healthy lifestyle, the risk factors for diabetes, and try to fill the gap between them. It is a well-known fact that a healthy employee is a more productive employee and many organizations, especially in Japan, live by it.

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