Motion sickness is one sad reality we all have come face-to-face at least once in our lifetimes. It works differently for different people, but no matter which type you have caught, all of them do one thing perfectly and that is to ruin a good time.

All thanks to motion sickness, travelling is nothing more than a long subdued amount of pain that leaves you and others around you nauseated.

It can happen at any place including car, train, planes, boats, and can strike anyone, which is why keeping some home remedies for motion sickness handy while travelling is always a great thing. But do you know why motion sickness actually happens? Here’s why.

Motion sickness is caused by confused sensations. When the eyes perceive movement differently from the actual sense of movement, the result is kinetosis or motion sickness. Yes, this isn’t a big medical problem, however, it can deeply impact someone psychologically and how they feel about travelling.

There are precisely four different types of motion sickness.

1. Carsickness
2. Seasickness
3. Airsickness
4. Spinning sickness

The meaning of these different types of sickness is pretty evident from their name.

Now, here are some home remedies for motion sickness that work great.

1. Lemon

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Take a slice of lemon (or any citrus fruit) along with you on the trip in a paper towel. Keep sniffing on this from time to time, the fresh and tangy fragrance of lemon soothes motion sickness and its related symptoms in no time.

2. Apple Juice

Another great thing to have before and while travelling for motion sickness is apple juice. Weirdly enough, it works and it works great. But do keep in mind to not drink too much of it as it might make you puke.

3. Peppermint

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Peppermint is one of the most refreshing herbs and chewing on a peppermint candy helps in reducing nausea and headaches which are caused by motion sickness. This not only works for adults but also for kids.

4. Biscuits

There’s a logic that states, that you won’t vomit if you haven’t consumed anything, which might work well but only in your head. Never travel on an empty stomach, keep nibbling on something like biscuits and prevent gastric juices from building up on an empty stomach.

5. Mint Leave

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Much like peppermint, even this herb has a soothing effect on your stomach and mind. Chew some mint leaves or simply add it up to your tea and you’re well sorted for motion sickness or nausea. The fragrance and flavour of mint are considered to be an excellent calming agent.

6. Light meals

Skipping a meal before traveling in the worst thing one can do for not having to go through motion sickness, same with eating too much. Go for a light meal, much like any other day, and you’ll be good to go. This remedy for motion sickness is not so much of a remedy than of a precaution.

7. Ice Cream

ice cream
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Believe it or not, this is one of the most efficient remedies for motion sickness. Ice cream contains milk cream – to soothe acidity – and ice – to soothe a nauseous stomach. This is a great remedy, especially for kids on the drive.

8. Deep Breathing

Finally, nothing works much better than deep breathing when we talk about remedies for motion sickness. You don’t need to be an expert to execute this, just inhale fresh air deeply and slowly.

These home remedies for motion sickness have worked efficiently for all of us and we hope for the same for you. Have a safe and fun journey, minus the motion sickness part.

Jyotsna Amla

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