Monsoon is here and if there is one thing that has been a recurring incident around us all then it has to be the fact that everyone is falling ill. From your friends, office colleagues to your relatives, someone is falling ill every day or the other. In scenarios like these ones, the only thing one can do is to take some foolproof monsoon flu prevention tips in order to save yourself and your family from this dreadful season. 

These preventions are not so hard or complicated which means you can easily get through them and save yourself from falling ill. After all, tons of diseases that infect people in this dreadful season – flu, malaria, cold, cholera and so much more.

Here are all the different and easy monsoon flu prevention tips you can take this season and save everyone around you, from falling ill.

1. Always Drink Clean Water

Monsoon Flu Prevention

We should always think about what kind of water we’re drinking and whether or not that water is coming from a clean source, but it becomes an extra critical time to actually check-in whether or not the water is clean or coming from a clean source. Also, always be sure of drinking ample amount of water. High level of humidity and perspiration during the rainy season leads to severe dehydration, which can make the body prone to cold and fever. So, ensure that your water is purified and does not contain any kind of chemicals. In addition to that, remember to not share water or drink from someone else’s glass or bottle. 

2. Wash Your Hands Often

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Maintaining good hand hygiene is very important during this particular season and everyone should remember it as an integral part of their monsoon diseases and flu prevention tips list. A large amount of disease gets transmitted through your hands and the stakes just get higher during this particular season when bacteria and diseases are floating in the air. So, in a time like this always remember to wash your hands, especially before and after eating.

3. Eat Healthy

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Again, this is the season where you should be extra cautious about what you’re consuming and where it is coming from, moreover, whether or not it is healthy and clean. Eating a nutritious and well-balanced diet is one of the most mandatory steps in the monsoon flu prevention tips list. A balanced and clean diet, in addition to regular exercise, boosts your immunity system and keep you looking and feeling fresh for a longer time. 

4. Adding Antiseptic Liquid To Your Bath

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This is the time when you should actually start acting upon what is shown on advertisements, especially on antiseptic liquid advertisements. Dettol and Savlon advise the consumer to add some of it in their bath buckets in order to kill any kind of germs that might be present in the water and keep the infection, that these germs bring, away. This step is particularly important whenever you have drenched or danced in the rain, which might seem very fun but in reality, ends up making you ill. 

5. Stay Away From The Infected

Monsoon Flu and diseases Prevention
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Above all of these points, there is one golden rule that everyone should follow, no matter what and that is to maintain some distance from people who have already been infected by these monsoon diseases and flu. There is nothing that transfers a disease, faster than coming in contact with someone who is already carrying them. And, if you’re someone who has already caught it, or have someone around with it, then do remember to cover your mouth whenever you’re coughing or sneezing, or are around someone who is doing it. 

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These were some of the easiest and necessary monsoon flu prevention tips that everyone should take if they don’t want themselves or their families and friends to get sick this season. 

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