We all have come across the importance of immunity during this coronavirus pandemic, and so we know how important it is for us to be consistently on the move with our immunity boosters and vitamins. All of this to not only get better but to be prepared at all times even before the disease strikes. And, there are different routes to go about it. Some prefer to consume supplements and store-bought vitamins that are not only costly but can also be very shady with their ingredients list. Hence, we decided to share an amazing and super effective kadha recipe for immunity that everyone needs to add to their daily routine to be safe against seasonal cold and even COVID infection.

There are tons of other different things that one can do to better their immune system, like exercising daily, having a healthy diet, etc. But when you add an immunity kadha to your routine, it exemplifies your body’s immune system. While getting around the taste of kadha might take some time, kadha have proven to boost immunity which is known for their Magic of Ayurveda and its medicinal properties. Now, let’s get right into knowing more about Kadha and Kadha recipe for immunity.

What is Kadha
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What is Kadha?

It is basically a home remedy made from natural herbs and spices which is mainly used to fight cold, flu and other infections, and it’s known for acting as an immunity booster too.

Ingredients for Making a Kadha:

1. Clove

2. Black Pepper

3. Black Cardamom

4. Cinnamon

5. Tulsi Leaves

6. Ginger

7. Honey/Jaggery

Kadha Recipe For Immunity Boosting:

1. Soak about 5 tulsi leaves in a cup of water and let it rest for a night before you’re planning to make the kadha.

2. With all the ingredients ready, add this water in a saucepan, and add clove, black pepper, black cardamom, tulsi leaves, cinnamon and ginger. Add another cup of water to this concoction.

3. Boil these ingredients until it fits a glass of water.

4. Though, it is really bitter in taste, you should have it as it is for the best effect, and if you are not able to, then add honey or jaggery to sweeten it a bit. Do remember, you need to add very little of the sweetener and not turn it into a sweet tea. 

All the ingredients in this kadha recipe for immunity boosting, have their own medicinal purposes and have been identified scientifically. Their flavour, smell, and effect on one’s body are unmatched.

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Benefits of Kadha:

Kadha is highly anti-viral in nature and is really effective for cold and flu. As it contains basil, it acts as a healing drink for the human body and reduces mucus. It has antiseptic and inflammatory properties also, which are sure to boost your immunity and will have a great effect if you are suffering from any immunity based disease.

All the ingredients should be added in an adequate amount, as more or less of it could have an adverse and a negative effect as well.

Apart from being an immunity booster, it also helps in the detoxification of the body. Most of the respiratory problems are taken care of if one consumes Kadha on a regular basis. Kadha also helps in reducing weight and lower blood pressure. It even enhances the body’s metabolism and improves the digestion process as well.

This was a detailed look at the benefits of Kadha, an Ayurvedic remedy and an immunity booster. You can add other healthy ingredients to this kadha recipe for immunity boosting too, including turmeric, lemongrass, basil leaves, mulethi etc. Not only will it boost your immunity, but will cure the diseases that you have been suffering for quite some time too.

It is really important to keep a check on your body’s immunity these days, especially in the time of coronavirus pandemic, when the cases have been rising exponentially. If you don’t prefer Kadha because of its taste, sweetening it is a better choice but if you still don’t want it, then you should have a healthy and balanced diet and exercise every day. But a glass of Kadha every day is sure to compensate for your lack of a healthy diet or exercising schedule.

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