Can’t climb those stairs or sit on the toilet seat seems like an impossible task. That last day’s leg workout was too intense and now your thigh muscles are so sore that simple day to day tasks feel impossible to do. Muscle soreness can get in the way of our lives and make us less functional for daily tasks. Here are some ways to cure your thigh pain that will help in faster muscle recovery,

How To Cure Thigh Muscle Pain?

1. Get Adequate Sleep/Rest

Sleep is the best way for muscle recovery. The more work you put into your body, the better quality sleep it needs. Your body needs at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily and if that daily quota of sleep is not met, your body becomes sore and fatigued. Always remember to get a good night’s sleep.

2. Foam Rolling

Foam rolling can help in pain relief to a great extent. The rolling process does hurt, but the relief this method gives is really helpful. Roll your thigh muscles back and forth on the foam roller and try to go slow, this will drastically help in pain relief.

3. Do Some Light Cardio

Before you hit those weights you need to prepare your muscles with a little bit-of warmup. Warm-up & stretching is very important as they boost blood circulation, improves flexibility and support the muscles for that an intense weight training session.

4. Post-Workout Meal

If you are doing heavy workout sessions and not fueling your body accordingly, then you are doing everything wrong. A post-workout meal is essential as your body gets completely drained after an intensive workout and needs nutrient-rich food to replenish and refuel the muscles.

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5. Drink Plenty Of Water

Our body is composed of almost 70% of water. As you sweat during a workout, your body gets water depleted. And if you don’t drink enough water your muscles will get sore and you might as well get muscle cramps. But it all can be easily avoided if you just drink enough water. An average adult should consume 3-5 liters of water every day.

person drinking water | thigh muscle pain

6. Add Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential mineral that gets depleted during intense workout sessions. It is very important for muscle recovery process. You should add magnesium-rich food to your diet or supplements to replenish the depleted magnesium levels.

Epsom salt used during bathing is also considered very effective as it is very rich in magnesium.

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7. Stretching

Stretching is very beneficial after heavy workouts. People avoid stretching both pre and post-workout most of the time, which directly results in muscle soreness.

stretching to cure muscle pain

Stretching before a workout warms up the muscle due to increased blood circulation. Due to that increased blood flow to the muscles, there are fewer chances of muscle fatigue, injury and soreness. Stretching also helps in having better body flexibility allowing for the increase in range of motion of the body. 

8. Hot Showers

Who doesn’t like hot showers? They are very relaxing not only for the mind but for the body too. Hot showers increase blood circulation in the body that relaxes the muscles and helps relieve all the muscle pain and soreness.

9. Ice Packs

After a heavy and intense workout muscle inflammation is very common. It is because blood rushes to the muscles carrying oxygen. So, ice packs help to slow down the blood flow, reducing muscle inflammation. After this process, there are fewer chances of post-workout soreness.

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Muscle soreness is very unpleasant but it is the fruit of your labor. These steps can help in a large way to reduce post-workout muscle soreness and pain and get your body ready for that next heavy workout session.

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