There are just a couple of little things which make for a great start to a lovely day and a satisfying bowel movement may just top that list. Imagine driving to school or work without taking the daily dump. Frustrating, I know! We will all agree that this a problem we are all embarrassed to share until it is too late. In order for such a situation not to arise, we tend to rely on home remedies for constipation. These remedies are shared between family members and good friends and you may also find many over the internet.

Home Remedies For Bloating

We list here a couple of the most trusted Home Remedies to get rid of Constipation – 

1. Water – Home Remedies For Constipation

Not a surprise. We sometimes ignore our water requirement. Long hours of work, spicy food or just not being mindful of drinking water may leave us dehydrated at the end of a day. We stay away from drinking too much water at night so that our sleep may not be disturbed. All this may leave us constipated and in the short run this can be easily gotten rid of by simply dinking plenty of water.

2. Sultana Currants

This is just a variety of larger, darker raisins commonly known as Munakka in India. 6-8 pieces soaked in water overnight and had first thing in the morning will relieve even stubborn constipation.

3. Figs

Figs For Constipation

Figs are a great source of fiber in our food. If you suffer from constipation, adding a lot of dried figs to your daily diet as a habit will definitely ease your difficulties.

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4. High Fiber Diet – Home Remedies For Constipation

Fiber in general helps in a regular bowel movement. Spinach and other greens, cucumbers and citrus fruits are known remedies for constipation and can easily be consumed as part of your daily diet.

5. Milk of Magnesia

My grandfather swore by this remedy. It may not actually be categorized as a medicine. It is an easily available OTC laxative which can be used occasionally. It dosage can be a maximum of 60 ml in a day. Its use should not exceed seven days in arrow. Occasional constipation can be treated within six hours and even in about 30 minutes at times.

6. Psyllium Husk – How to Get Rid of Constipation

Psyllium Husk For Constipation

Psyllium husk or Isabgol is a semi soluble laxative. Two spoonfuls in a glass of warm milk can do wonders for your guts. It is usually taken before bedtime to have a pleasant result in the morning. If you don’t like milk, it can be taken with any juice or just water. Isabgol ki bhoosi as it is commonly known in Indian household is a very common home remedy for constipation.

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We hope that one of these remedies works for you or someone you know in times of need. Please share more home remedies for constipation to help fellow readers in the comments section or correct us if we are wrong.

Caution – Do not treat these remedies as a substitute for medical advice if and when required.

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