Human teeth are naturally white or almost white in color. But over time, various factors cause the teeth to turn yellow. But Why do teeth turn yellow, how can you prevent yellow teeth naturally and chemically? Let’s find out.

Why My Teeth Are Yellow

Before we begin, it has to be clarified that the natural color of the teeth is different for every person and is based on genetic factors. But not only the whiteness of teeth varies with people, but the yellowish discoloration on the teeth that occurs over time is also more pronounced in some people.

Yellow teeth are not only bad for health but are primarily an aesthetic problem. In the civilized world, yellow teeth are perceived as unsightly and are often associated with poor oral hygiene. However, oral hygiene is rarely to blame for the yellowish tooth discoloration. The main causes of yellowing of teeth are mostly behavioral. It is mainly due to improper eating or drinking habits such as smoking or drinking too much cola.

Reasons For Yellow Teeth

There are several reasons for yellow teeth. The yellow to even light brown discoloration of the teeth is often due to a combination of several factors. The reasons for this can be the following:

Food – What Food Causes Yellow Teeth

Some dishes promote the yellow discoloration of the teeth. These primarily include curry, dark berries, vinegar, ketchup, turmeric, saffron, sour cherries, soy sauce, and citrus fruits.


Regular consumption of certain drinks can cause yellow teeth. Special care should be taken with cola, tea especially black tea which is also found in many types of iced tea, coffee, red wine, and even white wine.

Smoking – Causes of Yellow Teeth

The consumption of tobacco is not only harmful to health, but it also leads to yellowish to brownish discoloration on the teeth and increased tartar deposits due to tar, nicotine and other substances contained in tobacco smoke.

Does Smoking Causes Yellow Teeth

Mouthwash solutions

Even if you think that mouthwashes are good for oral hygiene, if they contain chlorhexidine or tin fluoride, they can cause yellowish discoloration on the teeth.


Dental plaque forms after every meal. The combination of bacteria, saliva, and food residues then creates a thin biofilm on the teeth, which can become a dental plaque. The calcification then converts the covering to tartar, which not only has an impact on health but also stains the teeth gray-yellowish.


Taking medication can also cause a yellow discoloration of the teeth. In particular, tetracycline, an antibiotic, is known to leave a gray-yellowish to brown discoloration on the teeth. However, other medications, such as some antihistamines, high blood pressure medications, or neuroleptics, can stain teeth yellow.

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Poor Oral Hygiene – Causes of Yellow Teeth

If the teeth are brushed only irregularly or not thoroughly enough, plaque and tartar form. This in turn also leads to unsightly yellow teeth.

Improper Brushing

Home Remedies For Yellow Teeth

Improper brushing can also indirectly contribute to unwanted discoloration. Too much enamel is removed by applying too much pressure and also by using toothpaste with coarse cleaning bodies. 


Greyish to yellowish teeth are part of the natural aging process. Due to daily wear and tear, the white protective enamel fades over time and the teeth slowly start to discolor.

The Genetic Cause of Yellow Teeth

The genes of every person determine the original color of the teeth as well as their aging process. It is genetically determined how transparent and how thick the respective teeth should be and this has a direct influence on the color of the teeth.

The yellow teeth are most likely to have more than one cause. It is often the interaction of several factors that lead to the color change.

How to Prevent Yellow Teeth

You can certainly prevent yellow teeth, and above all, it includes a regular visit to the dentist. In addition to the usual checks, professional tooth cleaning should be carried out at least once a year. 

Furthermore, it is, of course, recommended not to smoke. This would not only preserve the natural teeth whiteness longer, but it would also benefit health. Avoiding excessive consumption of the foods and drinks listed above also helps to protect against yellow teeth. Also, you should brush your teeth thoroughly with a gentle toothpaste after every meal.

What Helps Against Yellow Teeth? – Baking Soda to Whiten Teeth

There are numerous tips and tricks on the Internet for whitening your teeth. But dentists strongly advise against most of them, especially if they show immediate results.

The good old tip of using baking soda to whiten teeth. Although this helps very effectively against yellow teeth, the acids other substances it contains harm teeth in the long term. Baking soda or lemon juice destroys the outer layer called enamel, which makes teeth look white but weakens it over time.

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If you want to remove your tooth stains, you should visit the dentist for a whitening procedure. Which whitening is the right for your teeth, should be discussed with the dentist in advance. In the case of general yellowish to brown discolorations of teeth, dentists do not suggest whitening products because this yellowing of teeth are either genetic or age-related.

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