In the era of Netflix and chill people just don’t binge-watch they also tend to binge eat. Binge eating disorder (BED) is one of the most common eating or food disorders in the United States. It is a psychological condition that requires proper medical attention and care of the victim.

People who are suffering from BED (binge eating disorder) experience episodes of eating large amounts of food in an unusual manner, even if they are not hungry. After an episode, they sometimes feel a strong sense of shame or guilt. Further such abnormal eating episodes can cause diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart problems. While it can happen to anyone and at any cause, binge eating is often conditioned to be a result of strict dieting or a restricted eating schedule.

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If you or someone close to you is going through this, immediately reach out to a doctor/therapist, and if you still find yourself at the early stage of the disorder then there are some tips and methods to overcome it. We have listed out some of the tips and methods that you can use to overcome binge eating disorder, while it is still at an early stage.

Stop Skipping Meals – How To Stop Binge Eating

Following a strict diet routine is a proven way to stop binge eating. Skipping meals can lead to exaggerated food cravings and can cause another binge eating episode. A study showed that eating one huge meal per day increases blood sugar level and the hormone ghrelin which is responsible to stimulate hunger to a greater extent than eating three meals per day.

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Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking water throughout the day is one of the most effective ways to stop binging as it helps to curb the cravings. Studies have suggested that drinking water can help in controlling hunger and calorie intake, it also boosts metabolism thus results in weight loss.

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Other studies have suggested that drinking 500 ml of water before a meal can reduce calorie intake by 13%. Drinking water gives you the feeling of being full, this way you will end up eating less.

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Eat Fiber-rich Foods

Fibers have the tendency to move very slowly through our digestive system and take a longer time to digest, thus will keep you full for a longer period. Studies have shown that increasing fiber intake in your meal can curb cravings, reduce appetite, and calorie intake. Another study suggested that taking at least 16 grams of prebiotic fiber daily in your meal increases levels of specific hormones that influence satiety and significantly reduces the feeling of hunger.

Hit The Gym

One study suggested that after increasing physical exercise, 81% of participants showed a significant decrease in binge eating. It is also proven that exercise can decrease stress levels significantly and can enhance mood thus preventing emotional eating.

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Running, working out in the gym, swimming, biking, and playing sports are some of the few different types of physical activity that can help you to relieve stress and reduce binge eating.

Never Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal and one should never skip it, especially if they are going through a binge eating disorder. Filling up your stomach with the right foods can keep you feeling full for a longer time and can help to curb cravings and reduce hunger throughout the day. A study on 15 people found that eating a breakfast that is high in protein showed reduced levels of ghrelin to a greater extent than eating a breakfast which is high in carbs.

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Eating fiber-rich and protein-rich oatmeal for breakfast was shown to improve better control of appetite and promote fullness. You can try combining a few fibrous foods, such as green vegetables, fruits, or whole grains, legumes which are a good source of protein to avoid overeating.

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These were some of the tricks/methods to fight binge eating which can often lead to shame and guilt that eventually leads to depression and self-hate. The ideal way to deal with it is by visiting a therapist or doctor who specializes in the cause and can help one in understanding moderation and eating healthily. Also, if you’re at the early stage of binge eating don’t be frightened, it’s a very common disorder and can be overcome with some mental exercises and mindfulness. 

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