Our body is a very complex structure and it requires a number of essential nutrients to keep it running and working effectively. In fact, each and every nutrient in our body is catering and directed towards a certain benefit that keeps us healthy. The deficiency of even a single nutrient could cause some major problems to a human being, and that is the sole reason why taking all nutrients in adequate amounts is a must. However, not many are completely equipped with necessary information about lesser-known nutrients, one of which is folic acid, and what are the benefits of folic acid.

What Is Folic Acid?

Folic acid is a nutrient that not many know about, and a primary reason behind it is the fact that our body does not produce it. Folic Acid is required to be consumed adequately and here is all the information that you need to know about this particular nutrient.

Why Is Folic Acid Important?

It is one of the synthetic and water-soluble vitamins that is used in fortified food items and supplements. Folate is a naturally occurring B vitamin and is found in many foods, whereas Folic acid is man-made. Although they sound similar, they are different structurally and even have distinct biological effects on our bodies. Folate is found in numerous natural foods like green leafy vegetables whereas folic acid is added to foods most of which are ready-to-eat.

Our body requires it for several purposes:

1. Synthesis, repair, and methylation of DNA

2. Cellular division

3. Maturation of red blood cells

It is involved in many vital metabolic processes and its deficiency could also cause various problems. Also, it is required to be taken in a good amount.

Benefits Of Folic Acid

The supplements of both folate and folic acid are considered for the same type of treatment but the ways in which they affect our health could be different.

1. Prevention Of Birth Defects And Pregnancy Complications

One of the most followed and popular benefits of folic acid is its ability to prevent complications. The supplements of folic acid are highly advised for pregnant women so as to avoid birth defects in the fetus and also to prevent complications related to pregnancy.

2. Improving Brain Health

Many studies and researches have shown that people with low blood folate levels are associated with poor functioning of the brain and they also have a greater risk of mental impairment.

Studies have also shown that giving folic acid supplements to those who are mentally impaired or suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, could lead to positive results and improve the functioning of their brain.

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3. Treatment Of Mental Health Disorders

It has also been shown that people who suffer from depression have low blood folate levels than those who are happy and free from it. If supplements of folic acid are given with antidepressant medications then it could have a great positive impact on the person by reducing the depression levels.

4. Improving Heart Health

Other great benefits of Folic acid supplements are that it reduces the chances of having any type of heart diseases and also improves its working.

What Are The Benefits Of Folic Acid

5. Helpful for diabetic patients

They may also improve blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance. It can also help reduce diabetic complications in the future.

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6. Fertility

Sufficient intake of supplements of folic acid has shown better and higher rates of live births in women.

7. Reduce Inflammation

Enough intake of folic acid supplements is known to reduce inflammation markers in women and children.

8. Reducing Medication Side Effects

It has been proven through research that folic acid supplements reduce the chances of side effects after taking certain medications.

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So, this was a complete analysis of the benefits of folic acid and why it should be in our supplement cabinet. There are numerous other unseen benefits of folic acids, like improving fertility in men, reducing the risks of cancer, and improves the functioning of the kidney. However, nothing official about it has been stated by researchers and doctors. All in all, just maintain a healthy diet and you won’t be required to worry about your intake of folic acid or folate. 

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