In hot temperatures, it is particularly good to relax with a cool beer in the garden. But often it is said that In the heat you get drunk faster. But is it true that alcohol gets you drunk faster in hot weather? Let’s find out.

Affect of Alcohol On Body

Anyone who drinks a few beers and jumps into the cold water to cool down is in mortal danger. The consumption of alcoholic beverages before bathing actually harbors some risks. Even small amounts of alcohol could significantly impair coordination. Drunk bathers quickly overestimate their skills.

Anyone who goes into the cool water, heated internally due to alcohol and drunk, also runs the risk of severe circulatory problems due to hypothermia, even at a water temperature of 20 to 22 degrees. This happens because the body temperature is higher and the water cools it down very quickly.

Bathing Accidents Often Happen Due to Alcohol Consumption  – Bad Effects of Alcohol

In the worst case, jumping into cold water can be fatal. In combination with high temperatures, the consequences of alcohol in the body intensify. Both alcohol and heat, dilate the blood vessels which could lead to collapse and loss of consciousness. Alcohol and water become the main reason for bathing accidents.

Alcohol Acts Stronger and Faster in Hot Weather 

Yes, alcohol gets you drunk faster in hot weather. At higher temperatures, the body cells contain less fluid. As a result, the alcohol in the body is more concentrated, it has a stronger effect and the intoxication starts earlier. However, this does not mean that this state of affairs is over more quickly.

The liver takes just as long to break down the alcohol in hot weather as in cooler weather. Many doctors, therefore, recommend that you quench your thirst in the heat with non-alcoholic drinks.

Do People Who Drink Fall Asleep Faster?

Does Alcohol Make You Sleep Faster

It is only half the truth that you can sleep better if you consume wine. Alcohol indeed helps you fall asleep better because you are relaxed. But alcohol is still not recommended because it reduces the quality of sleep. Tipsy people sleep more restlessly.

In fact, you are more likely to wake up when the alcohol wears off and then have trouble falling asleep again. 

Alcohol Does Not Digest Food Faster – Bad Effects of Alcohol

The digestive effect of alcohol is also a fallacy. Because alcohol only numbs and weakens the feeling of fullness. Food is not digested faster. Usually, a person gets drunk with a second or third drink which only makes things worse.

In large quantities, alcohol hinders digestion. It blocks the nerves that normally ensure that the food gets from the stomach into the intestine.

Alcohol and Coke Make You Drunk

Why alcohol Makes You Drunk

Beer, schnapps, cocktails, and sparkling wine, a lot of alcoholic beverages can come together on a social evening with friends. But it’s not the mix or the order that gets you tipsy, it’s the amount of alcohol. Some drinks have high alcohol content and therefore must be consumed in moderation.

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However, one should be careful with sweet liqueurs and mixtures of alcoholic drinks and cola because the sugar it contains is harmful especially when mixed with alcohol. Mixing alcohol with carbonated drinks will make you drunk faster because they contain carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide boosts the absorption in the body.

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