Ever thought about what could the 5 ways to deal with work anxiety? Maybe, the time to talk about such sensitive but seemingly small issues is now. In fact, truth be told never before has the need to pay heed to sound mental health seemed more urgent as today. Perhaps, it may not be entirely incorrect to state that we’ve often treaded on a path where we’ve ignored our wholesome health. So what is meant by it anyway? Wholesome health can no longer be only represented by a swanky physique composed of big muscles, ripped abs and that chiseled frame!

Sound overall health is only represented by great physical as well as mental well-being. So simply consider a situation where you are about to attend a swanky ‘talk-of-the-town’ party in the wake of your friend’s mega engagement bash. You, forcefully so, are coaxed into attending the gala, where amid a red-carpet setting, serenaded by free-flowing wine, pretty women, and lots of fanfare there are your friends who are wondering what happened to the person who just stepped out of a shimmering Rolls Royce.

Although you’re wearing a custom-made, tailor-fitted three-piece suit, cutting a dapper figure, there’s something strange about you; you look lost and forlorn. It’s just the way you’ve been at work, despite choosing to work the best publishing house in business. Your dream job. Well, it could be said, it’s about time you did something about anxiety. Right?

Work anxiety hits us when we least expect it. It can spoil our concentration, affect our personal as well as professional life and if it goes unchecked, it can really play a big spoiler in the long run. So at a time where nearly all health experts are pointing to the urgency behind treating mental health issues, such as anxiety, what are you doing to take care of yours?

That said, let’s understand 5 simple ways to deal with work anxiety. Arrest the situation before it arrests you.

Don’t hide your stress or anxiety

One of the 5 ways to deal with work anxiety issues is by simply accepting the fact that something’s not quite right; that something is amiss. And that it is about time you did something to make things better. So where do we begin? First of all, it is important to understand that anxiety can be nearly as real as physical symptoms persisting with a condition. Like a recurring headache if the eye-sight isn’t good.

But surprisingly, what happens rather commonly is that most of the people feel that mental health problems are not as real as physical ones. In fact, the National Institute of Health has said in its reports that anxiety disorders are among the most common mental disorders in the United States.

Apparently, 1 in 5 Americans faces the issue. So a good step to begin is by not denying the trouble.

Your Employer Isn’t Going To Fire You

If you haven’t wondered about the biggest cause of concern that causes work anxiety then it’s time you did. You may be surprised to know that according to most individuals who suffer from work anxiety the biggest cause of concern is the negative thinking associated with their job, rather should one say job security?

There’s this underlying belief deeply entrenched in the psyche that the employer is simply going to fire you. So among the 5 ways to deal with work anxiety is to relax and think logically. Your employer won’t fire you unless you did something immoral or unapologetically horrible at work.

Most of us who are sane and work with vigor won’t ever do such a thing. Therefore, why cling to such a negative thought? Try to move ahead of the fear of getting sacked. It’s illogical and is not needed.

Try to love yourself, show compassion

Some of the best mental health experts suggest that compassion is among the popular and most important among the 5 ways to deal with work anxiety.

Instead of working against yourself, work with love and compassion for yourself if you are struggling with anxiety.

Individuals afflicted with the concern are often advised to deal in a more self-accepting way to treat their anxiety. Self-denial and self-avoidance, at the end of the day, are complexities that could lead you to a path of a pathological breakdown.

‘Befriend’ stress

When you are plagued with a concern, among the first thoughts that strikes the mind is to totally negate it. To feel as if all is fine. But instead, think differently. Accept and embrace it. You may surely feel better with time.

One of the 5 ways to deal with work anxiety is to not shy away from stress by simply accepting it. Know that stress is real and does happen to all. Once you realize this fact and admit to the point that stress, especially related to work-driven issues is something that challenges all individuals, regardless of one’s prominence in a hierarchical structure, you’ll lighten up.

So instead of suppressing stress, accept it. In fact, just try to change the narrative around it, flip it.

Often, it’s not that stress is harmful. Rather, it’s the way we treat it, think about it that makes it way more harmful than it should’ve originally been.

Think of it from a broader perspective: if you are stressed about something, relax. At least, it’s a good sign that you care. That you are worried about completing a chunk of tasks in a short amount of time (as an example). It means you are not lagging behind; it simply shows that you are bothered about doing the task allocated to you for you care about it.

Discover what feels good and stick with it

Work anxiety is such an antidote to operating smoothly at one’s workplace. But does it mean that it’s the end of it all? That there’s nothing else left in life.

Here’s where you are going wrong. At nearly every evolved workplace, there are individuals who are perhaps grappling with the exact same work anxiety issues as yourself. So first up, take it easy. You are not from an outer planet. Even those who are achievers, or over-achievers or perfectionists, suffer from some amount of anxiety and it’s all fine.

You care about your work, now the next thing is finding a way to deal with your anxiety. While some advocate the need to meditate, others resort to Yoga. Surely, you can find 15 or 20 minutes of time on a daily or alternative basis to engage in some therapeutic exercise, right?

Do it now. Don’t shy away from it. Anxiety is real but not insolvable. Always swear by this Mantra.

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