A diet is what defines us and makes us tick. Food, at the end of it all, readies us and marks our presence in the universe. But having said that, we must understand that it is we who pick the food for ourselves and hence, define our lifestyle.

Today, regardless of the fact that someone is battling an ailment or whatever discussion there may be about general health, a perspective about involving naturally healthy food into one’s diet cannot be denied.

One finds that the more the penchant toward consuming unhealthy foods, the more there is a proclivity toward getting back to essential inclusions toward one’s diet, such as Amla.

So, having said that, let’s try and understand why one must habitually have Amla in the meal.

That there is such good content of Vitamin C in it, Amla’s ready inclusion into your diet can go a long way to keep ailments at bay. This is true, especially during the winters.

Now, having said that, let’s understand three critical reasons behind this:

Boosting the immunity during the winters

Especially, during the winter seasons, consuming the Indian gooseberry is an automatic lift for the immunity of the body. Now, this is extremely valuable particularly because of the ailments like cough and the common cold.


And there’s no rocket science to this really. We are commonly susceptible to fever and seasonal infections- aren’t we? To this regard, it all boils down to the usage of the Indian gooseberry and how well it can be used in order to battle this complication.

Due to the high content of Vitamin C in Amla and the direct linkage that has in subsiding and raising the immunity particularly during times where one’s saddled in cold, Amla is an automatic fit.

Amla for skin and hair-care during the winters

Particularly during the winters, it has been seen that one does not always enjoy good hair health, isn’t it? So, what does that tell us about the consumption of Amla and during this season?

If Amla is mixed together with water and coconut oil, and the mixture is applied to the hair for massage, it proves to be an effective remedy for hair loss and dandruff.

Similarly, there’s also a direct linkage with Amla and skin conditions, particularly during the winter season.

And here’s perhaps what is undermined.

Consisting of Vitamin-C in high quantity, Amla helps Collagen perform in the right way. This, therefore, leads to an improvement in the skin-quality in a way that it helps the skin grow and look better than before. In fact, if one were to actually apply Amla-powder and mix it with yoghurt, then together, the mixture can be great for the face-mask.

Other than the above, there’s a lot of good that the vitamin-consisting fruit can do for fighting ailments and diseases that have a direct impact on the human body.

Among the most important benefits of eating Amla is that it can help regulate the sugar level in the body. Particularly for those who are battling lifestyle diseases like diabetes, this is a key remedy.

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