Banana is considered one of the most nutritive fruits that there is and can ever be. It’s a worldwide habit, to put it succinctly. It’s considered a healthy habit, regardless of the time of day one consumes it. So, should you eat bananas on an empty stomach? Let’s find out.

Bananas On An Empty Stomach
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Benefits of banana

It is loaded with a lot of vitamins, (Vitamin-C, in particular) and is particularly beneficial to a person’s health for being a rich source of energy.

The other positive benefits of consuming this fruit are that it contains iron, tryptophan, Vitamin B and Vitamin B6.

Yet, if there’s something that has formed a part of a widely-debated aspect about the fruit then it is whether should you eat bananas on an empty stomach or should you not?

While as a fruit, it caters essentially to maintaining a healthy body, such a great benefit. Apart from that, it is also known to promote good heart health apart from reducing the fatigue in the body. But whether should you eat bananas on an empty stomach has raged on for the longest times.

Benefits Of Banana

Why you shouldn’t eat bananas on empty stomach

So, one wonders as to what do the experts suggest? Apparently, it now appears that there is sufficient medical answering toward the question that should you eat bananas on an empty stomach.

And guess what? You shouldn’t. Despite being full of potassium, magnesium, and fiber, you shouldn’t really consume bananas on an empty stomach. A proper medical/lifestyle journal carried answers to the above and explained the following:

  • The high amount of natural sugars present in bananas that boost energy could also make you feel drained after a few hours.
  • Bananas temporarily fill you up leaving you sleepy and fatigued.
  • Bananas are very acidic in nature; hence, it may cause bowel problems if consumed on an empty stomach.
Banana Oats In Morning
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Moreover, in addition to the above, consider the following insights stated by well-known nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood. Despite being a rich source of potassium, bananas might actually be a great source of morning food but they shouldn’t be consumed on an empty stomach.

And there’s sufficient reasoning that explains the above.

One could try to actually team it with soaked dry fruits, apples and other fruits to minimalize the acidic content in the body.”

The high magnesium content can cause an imbalance between calcium and magnesium in the blood, which may further have an adverse effect on the body’s cardiovascular system.

What does the Ayurveda suggest? Should you eat bananas on an empty stomach?

Banana Ayurveda | Ayurveda on Banana
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But that told, there are also some clues to the above in the Ayurveda. So what is it, after all? Apparently, the Ayurveda suggests that as such one should avoid having any type of fruit on an empty stomach in the mornings.

An expert on the Ayurveda and what it proclaims particularly in reference to fruits- Dr. BN Sinha- is of the following view:

What we buy is artificially grown and should not be taken right in the morning. The chemicals present in these fruits are way harmful than we think. One way to avoid consuming fruits directly can be mixing it with other foods so that the effect subsides with nutrients in them.”

So the key insight, if one might put it that way is that while it could be a largely accepted idea to consume bananas early in the morning, it’s always a good practice to not have them in isolation and to, therefore, team it up with some other snacks or dry fruits.

Also, medically it has been found that the best time to have bananas, is, in fact, the mornings. Add to that the versatile options of consuming bananas, something that could be tied up with Berry Banana Cereal, Banana oatmeal cookies, or even a chocolate banana smoothies.

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Have you tried any of these lip-smacking combinations? Well, how about now?

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