Ever heard that phrase- once a tea lover, always a tea lover? Probably you may have. Tea is after all that beverage that the true lovers, aficionados just can’t do without. It’s an everyday thing to do. More of a habit. It’s contagious, in a positive way. Tea lovers are unrestricted or unhinged by the time or period of the day for them to indulge in some. But while we all have heard of various commonly consumed forms of tea- such as ginger tea, cardamom tea, and the varied forms of green tea, what about banana tea? In fact, what is banana tea?

Truth be told, at the very first instance, the very question- what is banana tea- may leave some of us complete outfoxed- isn’t it?

What is Banana Tea?

Have you tried banana tea? If not yet, then it appears that the best time is now. But first of all, what is banana tea and how is it made? To put it simply, in order to make banana tea you simply need a cup of warm, boiling water and one full banana.

And what to do next? Well, simply put the whole banana in the cup of water. Boil it entirely. And upon completion, simply remove the peeled banana. You drink what’s left afterward. That in essence, is banana tea, something that at least half of the world is going ga-ga about.

Depending on one’s preference, banana tea can be made with or without the banana peel. If you happen to make it with the peel of the fruit, then it is known as banana peel tea.

The peel is enriched with high fiber content, among the various reasons why the distinctly flavored tea is considered a hit.

A big reason as to why the tea is a big hit is that it doesn’t contain too many calories. To a world that’s fast-growing conscious of what it consumes, with the ever-increasing threat of lifestyle-related diseases being on the rise, this is an enormous reason to gravitate toward a hitherto lesser tried form of tea.

That said, here’s more information about the nutritive value of this warm beverage:

Though steeping bananas releases some nutrients like vitamin B6 and potassium, you won’t get as much of them as you would from eating the whole fruit. Longer steeping times can increase the concentration of nutrients in the tea.

Benefits of Banana Tea

Health Benefits of Banana Tea

In addition to the above, banana tea is also known to be a good source of the following:

Vitamin B6- which helps support red blood cell development apart from giving one a healthy nutritive system

Potassium- which decreases the risk of stroke, blood pressure, and other ailments

Magnesium- which helps to fight against Type 2 diabetes, reduces insulin resistance and can help prevent migraines

But all that said, among the biggest health benefits of consuming bananas-naturally high in Vitamin C- is that they help prevent chronic heart conditions.

To sum up the above, it pays to have banana tea as it is key to maintain healthy blood pressure, avoid muscle contractions and even regulate the fluid balance in the body’s cells, owing to the high presence of potassium and magnesium. What’s more? Many people consume banana tea regularly as it proves to be a good sleep aid, the tea containing a rich form of amino acid that plays a key role in producing sleep-inducing hormones- serotonin and melatonin.

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