Pizza in Scotland sounds about as interestingly displaced as debating a Niall Ferguson history book in a fashion show in Milan. It’s that obvious a displacement, so to speak. Do you wear pink socks underneath a white blazer and trouser set? Do you eat mutton with gravy in a vegetarian diet- you don’t right?

Certain things just don’t blend.

But first up a question.

Why on earth is there Pizza in Scotland? Similarly, what would a financial history book do in a fashion show?

Well, where it comes to the former, there’s an interesting development on the horizon. In a country obsessed with culture, music, resonating a lot of class, the love for a true Italian delight is keeping everyone’s tongues rolling nowadays. It’s almost as if a new enchantment of taste has hit the land of the great James Bond actor: Sean Connery.

But having said that, just which is this pizza company that is creating such a furor in Scotland.

The company, known as Ooni, specializes in wood-fired pizzas. This is, a special delicacy that, given its mouthwatering and scrumptious taste, is a delight whether in Italy or Scotland!

And in here lies a catch.

Ooni- in a bid to strengthen its hold over a dynamic market that augurs well for a thriving F&B culture- is looking to expand.

In so doing, the company has only recently come out with a unique strategy of ‘pizza tasting’ professionals; who, upon hiring will fill the vacuum of an important vacancy that has currently taken hold.

This may sound interesting. For starters, the concept of tasters is often attributed to or limited to the sphere of liquor or alcohol-based beverages. Isn’t it? You may have heard that there happen to be professionals who are paid well or well-fed in the sphere of wine-tasting. This rather elitist profession sounds as rare as it appears princely.

Now, the same seems applicable to pizza. As Ooni continues in its surge to serve arguably the best-tasting pizzas in the whole of Scotland, it ought to remove an important concern confronting it: that of the prestigious vacancy concerning pizza-tasting experts.

After all, their job will be a key to understanding the real taste and thus, value and essence of the pizza. Therefore, in order to fill in candidatures and consider various profiles, the Scottish firm has invited applications from around the world.

NBC, a leading culture and finance news portal based in the West highlighted the rather unique sort of requirements for a vacancy that seems truly one of a kind:

Essentially, the pizza taste testers will brainstorm recipes, sample new products and become Ooni brand ambassadors, according to the post. They’re looking for chefs, food photographers, passionate home cooks and anyone who just loves pizza. Experience in making pizza dough or cooking pizza is a plus.

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