By chocolate, we mean and understand the flavor. But there is white chocolate as well which looks and tastes different. Is there cocoa in white chocolate?

Is white chocolate real chocolate
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White chocolate only contains one component of the cocoa beans, namely cocoa butter. White chocolate may only be called chocolate, if it contains at least 20 percent cocoa butter and 14 percent dry milk with 3.5 percent milk fat. To produce cocoa and cocoa butter, the seeds of the cocoa tree have to be treated in a variety of ways.

To obtain cocoa butter, the already fermented and dried cocoa beans are roasted, separated from the shell, and finally pressed together with hot rollers to form what is known as cocoa mass. This mass is heated to 80 to 90 degrees Celsius. With the help of a hydraulic press, cocoa butter and cocoa press cake are separated from one another.

The press cake must not contain more than twenty percent fat, otherwise, cocoa powder cannot be made from it. For this reason, a pressure of up to 900 bar is required in the press.

White Chocolate Contents
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Since the mass from which the oil is extracted this way is very brittle anyway, the cocoa press cake is ground to a cocoa powder with a so-called spiked roller crusher without much effort.

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The cocoa powder is used as a raw material for chocolate and all other chocolate products. Cocoa butter is majorly used to make chocolate but is also used in creams, lipsticks, and several pharmaceutical products.

By the way, Cocoa butter is a high-quality and sought-after product that also has its price. A block of cocoa butter weighing two kilograms currently costs more than 3000 Indian Rupees.

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