There are countless coffee variations like Espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino or flat white. In the following article, we will teach you how to make the perfect cup of black coffee.

For a long time, black coffee was only something for the hard-boiled. Those who liked it softer drank with milk and sugar. Then the Filter machines, hand cans and most recently capsule systems came in. In this article, we do not deal with roasting or grinding the coffee beans, but only with How To Make Black Coffee through the transformation of ground coffee and water into the most popular drink worldwide. Freshly ground black coffee is preferable for every method of preparation, since the aroma evaporates quickly after grinding.

Black coffee is easy to filter, just boil the coffee powder together with the water and finally pour everything through a sieve or very carefully into the cup. In any case, you have to wait for a little while until the coffee settles.

Then filters appeared in the 18th century. Whether made of fabric, metal or porcelain. It is only now that the boiling water is poured over the coffee in the filter. Finally, the paper disposable filter was invented as we still know it today and is mainly used to make black coffee particularly tasty.

How to make a coffee

This classic method of How To Make Black Coffee, has been pushed into the background somewhat by the advance of espresso, cappuccino and Caffe macchiato in recent years, but now there are also coffee shops that advertise hand-filtered black coffee. And there are lots of tips on the Internet for making the perfect hand-filtered coffee.

Filter coffee is still a great classic and a counter-trend to other popular variations of coffee. A secret for a tasty black coffee to retain its aromas is to rinse the filter with hot water before filling so that the taste of the paper evaporates. The temperature of the water should be 92 ° C – 96 ° C when pouring, and about 60 g of ground coffee per liter of water.

Coffee machines often did not reach the necessary water temperature in the past, but current models are partly equipped with a hot brewing system so that the aromas can be optimally extracted from the ground coffee.

The Method – How To Make Black Coffee

How to make coffee at home

1. Buy freshly roasted whole coffee beans. If you can’t buy them directly from a coffee roaster within about a week of roasting, you should choose vacuum-packed beans from a reputable coffee roaster.

2. Get your own coffee grinder or have the beans ground at the shop. It is best to choose a coffee grinder with a disc or cone grinder instead of propeller or beater grinders. For best results, grind the coffee fresh every day just before brewing.

3. Experiment with the grinding strength. Although the finely ground coffee powder is preferred, the coffee can taste bitter with coarse ground beans.

4. You will need a kettle, a hand filter, and unbleached filter bags for your hand-brewed filter coffee. Most coffee lovers believe that the best and most full-bodied black coffee can be obtained by brewing the cup by hand.

How to make coffee at home

5. Place the filter on a cup that is large enough for your amount of coffee. Add about three level tablespoons of coffee powder to the filter just before brewing. Expert coffee brewers focus on the weight of the beans instead of the volume. If you prefer this method, try to take 60 g to 70 g per liter of water. You can adjust your coffee quantity to the size of your coffee cup using these guidelines.

6. Boil water and let it cool for a minute. The ideal water temperature for brewing coffee is 93 ° C. You should never use the boiling water to make coffee as it gets bitter at 100 ° C. The rule of thumb is, the darker the roast, the less hot the water should be so the temperature of water should be up to 97 ° C for light roasts and around 90 ° C for dark roasts.

7. Moisten the coffee with the first infusion with about 30 ml to 60 ml of water. Wait 30 seconds for the next infusion and repeat until about four minutes have passed or the water has been used up. Just be careful not to pour too much water into the filter.

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You will find that the coffee tastes better with this shorter brewing time. Use a longer brewing time for lighter roasts and shorter brewing time for darker roasts. This is the easiest recipe for how to make black coffee. You can make variations of black coffee by adding cardamom, lemon juice or simply sugar for taste if you like.

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