A mug of steaming black coffee is in front of you – is there anything better? Many of you have already imagined the cup and many of you are making a face now, coffee without milk and sugar, does that taste good at all? You bet it does. In this post, we have dealt intensively with the topic of black coffee and its association with the personality of people who like it. It is based on a study that people who prefer their coffee black, display psychopathic behavior. Let’s enjoy the article with a cup of black coffee.

Black Coffee is More Than a Stimulant

Why is black coffee healthy? – Black Coffee Benefits

Black Coffee Psychopath

The coffee gets its color during the roasting process. Melanoidins are formed, which are antioxidant pigments that make coffee black. To protect our body cells from harmful influences, we need natural ingredients called antioxidants.

For some time now, doctors have known that no other food contains as many antioxidants as coffee. Antioxidants are also abundant in fruits and vegetables, but the body seems to absorb them particularly well in coffee.

Black coffee helps us clean our bodies in spring because coffee has been shown to stimulate autophagy, which is the removal of unnecessary components.

In this process of cell renewal, dead cells are broken down and renewed. Scientists suspect that the phytochemicals in coffee called the polyphenols, detoxify the cells but why this works is not yet entirely clear. It doesn’t matter whether you drink normal or decaffeinated coffee.

You should drink coffee without animal milk because it inhibits cell renewal. If you don’t like black coffee, you can try a vegetable alternative like soy or almond milk.

Does black coffee make you beautiful?

Black Coffee For Skin

Due to the many positive ingredients, especially the antioxidants, your coffee provides you with a lot of nutrients. If you are healthy, you are automatically beautiful.

You notice that there is no general answer to that because it is used in natural home remedies like a coffee peel or coffee conditioner for hair. 

What is the ph value of black coffee?

PH Value Of Black Coffee

It doesn’t work without acid. If coffee were brought to a neutral pH of 7.0 after the brewing process, it tastes like ash. But the range of acidity in coffee ranges from around pH 4.5 to 5.0.

This is not much, tea has a pH of 5.5, cola (pH 2.0-3.0) and orange or apple juice (pH 3.5) are more acidic, ie they have a lower pH value.

How much caffeine does black coffee have?

Black Coffee Caffeine Content

Your cup of black coffee contains approximately 60-100mg of caffeine. The recommended amount of caffeine daily is 400mg. So you can easily drink 4-5 cups a day.

Adding milk in coffee does not change the caffeine content, only the amount in the cup. It is often assumed that strong coffee contains a lot of caffeine. The strong taste has nothing to do with caffeine.

The strong taste depends primarily on the type of coffee, the roast, the amount of coffee used and the type of coffee preparation. For example, an espresso contains only 25-30 mg of caffeine per cup. The types of coffee contain different amounts of caffeine

  • Arabica coffee has a caffeine content of 0.8% -1.4%
  • Robusta coffee has a caffeine content of 1.7% -4%

Black Coffee, Black Soul – Or Why Psychopaths Drink Their Coffee Black

Psychopaths Drink Their Coffee Black

For some time now it is a common saying that psychopaths prefer to drink their coffee black. But where does this question come from? For a study at the University of Innsbruck, 1,000 people were asked to document their taste preferences.

Questions were asked about personality traits like sadism & aggressiveness and overall personality psychology. The result was that those who had psychopathic personality traits also had a preference for bitter flavors. That means psychopaths like coffee, gin and tonic, beer and bitter chocolate.

Do you prefer to drink milk coffee? 

Coffee With Milk Health Benefits

Yes, then, according to the Innsbruck researchers, you are a sensitive, friendly and loving person. But the researchers themselves pointed out that the results are not entirely representative as the participants were allowed to rate their taste preferences themselves.

Our taste is also influenced by cultural factors and education. So all you psychopaths can relax and treat yourself to a mug of black coffee.

Does black coffee have calories? – Black Coffee Benefits

Black Coffee Calories Weight Loss

Black coffee has almost no calories. It varies between 3-4 calories per cup. A cup of coffee with lots of milk and sugar naturally has significantly more calories. This is one of the most prominent benefits of having black coffee.

Here is a small overview of different drinks and their calorie quantity, whereby the espresso, of course, performs particularly well due to its size:

  • Espresso 30 ml: 2 calories
  • Black coffee 200 ml: 4 calories
  • Latte macchiato: 130 calories
  • Cappuccino 100 calories

Why does black coffee with lemon help with a headache?

Black Coffee With Lemon Benefits

For many of us, headache is a common problem. Coffee with lemon may be able to help with that as it is a well-known home remedy. You take a black coffee or an espresso and squeeze the juice of half a lemon into it. Please don’t add sugar.

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Caffeine as an active ingredient is contained in some pain relievers. However, the body’s pain relief is positively influenced by the addition of lemon.

An enzyme is formed in the body that is responsible for the release of prostaglandins. Caffeine prevents these enzymes from being released. Also, if you suffer from constipation, coffee can stimulate the intestines.

If you have not always been a fan of black coffee, start with Arabica coffee. Arabica coffee is less bitter and has a lower chlorogenic acid content. The coffee on the supermarket shelf is often not the right one, they are industrial roasts and they are not stomach-friendly. You can start with a mild Arabica coffee. Our recommendation is Little Flower, an aromatic, mild coffee from India. This coffee has almost no bitter substances and is ideal for drinking straight. In any case, black coffee is better than its reputation.

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