If cancer is the emperor of all maladies, then the alcohol is crown of thorns one willingly wears around the head, only to cause self-inflicting pain. What starts as a drink for a change, leading to a window of recreation translates into a habit that’s nearly hard to kick out from one’s schedule.

There’s such incessant love for drinking alcohol that it can threaten family ties, fracture human bonds, lead to disruption in social life, problems in professional life whilst causing nearly irreparable physical harm.

But, perhaps we’ve all been told about the various anomalies in one’s health when it comes to alcohol. And perhaps, we’ve been told those time and again. Very often, we’ve been run down a number of alarming health impairments that are known to occur on account of excessive alcohol consumption.

For instance, it may not be too refreshing to learn that excess of alcohol consumption can cause a plethora of cancers, the vicious habit linked to pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, oesophageal cancer and, gastric cancer. Yet, those who are captivated by the habit seem unwilling to relent. And more often than not, unbent on continuing their love for this poison.

But have you ever wondered all that can go right when you leave alcohol? Ever thought about just how much of a seemingly irreparable damage can auto-correct itself the moment you simply shun the bottle and take your eyes off it?

While there’s no denying the fact that akin to kicking the habit of smoking, leaving alcohol isn’t the easiest of things to do, it can at least be tried whole-heartedly. And at the same time- one’s ought to remember that by taking a decision to leave alcohol, one simply walks toward a correctional path, whose greater good lies for one’s family. Doesn’t it?

But that told, just what are the myriad benefits that one’s slated to gain within a short span of time of quitting the morbid habit? Let’s discover some.

It’s believed that within an hour of leaving alcoholic-consumption (of any form) the body begins to transform naturally and on its own.

Daily Mail

Inside 1 hour:

Within an hour of leaving drinking, the body automatically throws itself onto a detox mode. This happens in order to cleanse the bloodstream and to prevent alcohol poisoning.

Inside 12-24 hours:

The next interesting set of learnings as told by health experts is to understand just what goes on inside the human body within a day of having stopped alcoholic consumption. In this important period- read path to recovery- the blood sugar level automatically stabilises. In addition, a stage of full detoxification begins to take place inside the body.

What most people ought to remember- according to performance dietician Jessica Spendlove- our body is programmed to process only one sort of alcohol per hour; this means, roughly a standard of one hour per drink. In addition, what most of us fail to get is that whilst we are busy drinking- the body can’t break down the food either. Since there’s no mobilisation that takes place, whatever the body is eating gets stored as fat. This, obviously, isn’t the healthiest of things.

Within 72 hours:

At this crucial juncture, the body will have banished on its own any of the lingering problems. This is a time- according to Ms Jessica Spendlove- where the body truly feels about back to its very best. It’s believed that the general sleep quality begins to greatly improve and one feels more ‘normal’ than before.

In 1 week of giving up alcohol:

So you have left alcohol and haven’t had any for 7 back-to-back days? Great, simply brilliant. Everyone’s been praising you but you know it little yourself as to how this may actually help.

For starters, the skin begins to develop a better tone- which is such a plus. The conditions that would’ve been exacerbated by alcohol-consumption, for instance, eczema or rosacea also begin to improve.

And here’s a general perspective:

Not only does begin to experience a gradual upward slide in alertness and overall healthiness, one’s slated to experience better hydration in the body. With improved quality of sleep, the biggest gainer in leaving alcohol- is the slow but gradual normalisation of the growing waistline.

Who doesn’t want a slimmer waistline or simply address the lingering problem of weight-gain?

How about beginning now. Kick the bottle. Will you?

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