A regular pub hopper always has a nickel to try as many cocktails and drinks he/she can. Party changes, so does the drink and with it, a change that most of us ignore is that the glass of that drink changes too. Have you ever wondered that why the hell all the bartenders makes it too tough and serve different drinks in different kinds of glasses? Think of it, wouldn’t it save a great deal of their time? Then why is it that they serve in different glasses. Why can’t they just chose one kind and serve them on in it?

Do you have an answer? No. No worries because the next time when you are going to step in in a pub and different drinks are being served in different glasses you will know why. How? Hell, we will tell you.

Ready To Solve The Mystery Behind Shape And Sizes?

1. The Shot Glass

Shot Glass
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A shot glass is typically holds between 30 ml to 90ml of the drink, it is preferably used to drink Vodka or Tequila. The shot glasses have opening wide enough for your mouth so that you can gulp it down quickly without spilling it.

2. The Collins Glass

Collins Glass
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The drinks served in Collins Glass mostly have soda added to them, the long shape of the glass preserve bubbles. The wide shape of the glass accommodates ice perfectly. These glasses are mostly used to serve mojito cocktails.

3. The Flute

Flute Glass
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Most of us know these glasses by the name of Champagne glasses as they are used for serving Champagne. It has a long narrow bottom which makes the bubbles last longer in it and the long stem is there so that the bubbles comes out evenly from the bottom. The flute is also used for Sparkling wines.

4. The Martini Glass

Martini Glass
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The Martini Glass has a long stem so that the heat doesn’t get transferred when you hold the glass. It has a conical shape and wide opening so that the chill of the drinks remains maintain while you enjoy sipping your drink. The bottom of the Martini Glass keeps the ingredients of the drink together as it is already stirred with ice and served without ice.

5. The Wine Glass

wine glass
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The classy drink has a classy shape of the glass. If you are a wine drinker then you probably know that the aroma of the drink is the 90% of the taste. The wine glasses have wide opening so that it can easily fit around your nose which gives you a nice whiff of your preferred wine while drinking it. The stem of the glass is again long for the heat control.

6. The Dessert Wine Glass

Dessert Wine Glass
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The Dessert Wine Glasses are small in size and the opening is also smaller because the aroma of the wine won’t matter as they are used to consume specifically dessert wine. The dessert wine is sweet and it should not be consumed in a large quantity. The sweet taste of dessert wine can be tasted more by tongue than felt by nose.

7. The Rock Glass

Rock Glass
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If you are a fan of The Vampire Diaries you probably would relate to all the classy rock glass with Bourbon in it. The rock glasses are the old fashioned whisky glasses. It has a wide and equal circumference which holds ice either in large pieces or quantities. The wide opening of the rock glass gives you a nice aroma which makes your drinking experience so rich.

8. The Beer Krug

Beer Krug
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Beer the most loved drinks for the majority of pub hoppers in most of the countries. It is large, thick and has a steady handle. It is large so that it can hold a large quantity in it, thick so that the beer remains chill and the handle prevent the heat transfer from your hand to the glass. The wide opening of the glass releases plenty of aroma to make you enjoy your beer.

Tada! There it was all the learning you needed to show off your knowledge about the glasses you have been drinking in all your life.

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13 April, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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