The apple is an all-rounder as it is is particularly rich in vitamins and is available all year round. Apple in baking is used as jelly, for cakes, tarts and as the main ingredient for Apple jams. They also contain plenty of pectin that acts as the basis for successful gelling in the production of jam. So let’s make a jam out of apples.

Ingredients for a jar of apple jam (370 grams)

How to Make Apple Jam

1. 250 grams of apple pulp, preferably sour and should have a strong aroma

2. Juice of half a lemon or Juice of half an orange

3. A teaspoon of ground vanilla or a vanilla bean

4. A pinch of ground ginger and cinnamon

5. 125 grams of commercial jam sugar or Castor Sugar


Low Sugar Apple Jam Recipe

1. Wash the apples thoroughly and peel them. Cut them into quarters removing the core that has seeds.

2. Cut the pulp into Dices and mix in a bowl with the sugar, spices and juice. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Let it soak in the refrigerator overnight.

3. Put the jam jar and the screw cap in hot water for sometime and let them dry.

4. Place the prepared fruit mixture in a pan and simmer over high heat for about seven minutes. Stir the mass in between. Crush the pieces of fruit with a fork about two minutes before the end of the cooking time. You will notice the foam forming at the top but that does not need to be removed.

5. Immediately pour the fruit mass into the jam jar with a ladle, up to about one centimeter below the rim. Screw the glass tightly and place it upside down on a cloth until it has cooled. This sterilizes the content and lasts longer.


Apple Jam

1. Use 125 grams of each fruit for an apple and pear jam.

2. Instead of the jam sugar, you can also use 150 grams of sugar but caramelize it before using.

3. If you like jams with a slightly firmer consistency, you can extend the cooking time by five minutes.

4. Keep jams away from light and at a temperature between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius.

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