5 Street Foods Of North India That Will Make You Slurp!

5 Street Foods Of North India That will Curb All Your Spicy Cravings!

Indian street food is famous all over the world. Travelers from various countries love munching on to some spicy street food delicacies as it is one of the greatest pleasures ever. India offers a variety of street food items but the one that satisfies the craving of spicy tongue lingering is North Indian street food.

North Indian street food is literally a treat to stomach as it varies from mild to fiery as per your choice. Each and every dish could be customized as per the customer and it’s the best part. Although, you may not get the exact taste but your taste buds will be enthralled to chew every one of them. North India has always been the part of India where spices are used creatively to make food tastier than ever and if you are a foodie then here are 5 Street Foods Of North India that you should try at least once.

1. Khasta Kachori

image source: i.ytimg.com
image source: i.ytimg.com
The fried pastry discs which come with a variety of filling are so delicious that you will never eat just one. You will find them with the filling of potato, onion or green peas. The filling will be blended in spices and the taste will be out of this world. This street food is particularly famous in Rajasthan but you will also find it in Delhi.

2. Pav Bhaji

image source: indianhealthyrecipes.com
image source: indianhealthyrecipes.com
Well, originally it was a street food from Mumbai but now it has become so famous in Delhi and UP that you will find it almost every city of these states as well. The smooth blend of mashed potatoes, tomatoes, onions, green peas, and spices make Bhaji tastier enough to dip a roll or pav in it and enjoy the taste.

3. Pani Puri

image source: khadizaskitchen.files.wordpress.com
image source: khadizaskitchen.files.wordpress.com
You may get it by the name of Gol Gappa, Puchka, Batasha etc, etc but you have to try Pani Puri in Delhi, Mumbai, and UP. If you are familiar with Hindi words you will totally relate to it as Paani means water and Puri mean the discs. The only tasty twist with this one is that water is spicy, tangy and sometimes a blend of sweet-salt spices. Where Puri is an empty disc which later is filled with potato or peas along with that spicy water.

4. Gajar Ka Halwa

image source: zaiqatv.com.pk
image source: zaiqatv.com.pk
There should be something sweet in the list too and what makes the better place than Gajar Ka Halwa? it is made by grated carrots which may not sound tasty at first but they are prepared with dates, almonds, raisins and sugar and milk and the result will make you want to have more of it. This street food is mainly popular in Jaipur, Haridwar, Delhi and Punjab.

5. Jalebi

image source:  oneplatter.com
image source: oneplatter.com
Since we were throwing the sweet party, we thought leaving Jalebi out of this list would be absolutely wrong. The golden, glistening pieces of deep-fried syrupy circles will instantly become your favorite and the best part is that they are available almost in every sweet shop. But you have to try out these at Chandni Chawk Delhi. They are a must have at weddings and people who have a sweet tooth love them way too much.

So these were the 5 Street Foods Of North India that will make your stomach shout awesome. Don’t forget to munch on them with masala chai as it will make your experience better.

1 August 2017
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