Quarantine has led us all to spend more time in our houses and eventually on our social media which means that exploration for social media channels is at an all-time high. One genre of influencers that are particularly trying their best to cope up with their home time are fashion and beauty influencers. This has given birth to some cool, weird and interesting viral fashion challenges on the Internet. 

Influencers, fashion enthusiasts and bored individuals have come together to create some of the most interesting content on the Internet and even you can contribute to it. 

These viral fashion challenges are everywhere, from Twitter to Instagram to TikTok, moreover, everyone, influencers or not are contributing to it since everyone is bored. So, let’s dive deep into these viral fashion challenges and look at what the folks on the Internet are cooking this time. 

1. #QuarantinePillowChallenge – Viral Fashion Challenges

This has to be one of the most unique and fun fashion challenges out there and it is currently being explored by millions of people out there. 

So the basic gist of this challenge is that an individual has to wear their pillow as a dress and glam it up. This is an ideal cheat for anyone who is falling behind their closet and has nothing to wear, even though not much would be covered by this one pillow. The result is both hilarious and interesting since so many have participated in it and done something unique out of it.


2. #InstaRainbowChallenge

Started by influencers Zeena Shah and Natalie Wall, the #InstaRainbowChallenge aims at putting a positive and colourful vibe on Instagram feed. Shah and Wall asked their followers to brighten up their feeds by posting a picture of their outfit every day inspired by a different colour every day. This has immediately added a splash of colour on the otherwise monochromatic Instagram feed of ours in these corona and quarantine times. People are dressing up in cute and bright colours and the entire thing is so wholesome that we just had to add it to our viral fashion challenges for you. Here are some of our favourite picks from #InstaRainbowChallenge. 

3. #PJParty Challenge

Another one of the viral fashion challenges is taking a dig at our party scenes over the course of weekends. Since we can’t go out to party anymore and dress up for it, there is a challenge that inspires you to willingly switch to your fanciest pajamas and have an in-home party. You can even join one of those zoom parties that everyone is hosting at the moment or host one by yourself and ask your friends to turn up for it. 

Here are some of our favourites from the challenge

4. #DontRushChallenge

This viral fashion challenge is also for the beauty community who are creating a link of magic with their wands, i.e., their makeup brushes. Moreover, it is bringing people together to collaborate while maintaining a distance, all the things we hope to maintain these days. The gist of this challenge is to transform from your at-home look to something fancy and create a loop with a bunch of your friends. So, are you ready for it?

Here are some of our favourites from this challenge


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5. #DressUpFriday

Fridays have always been one of the most happening days of the week since we’re officially leaving the weekdays behind and entering weekends which call for a drink or four. It was also the day when many of us dress up and go out to spend some fancy and fun time with our friends, so why limit it because we’re at our homes? People are participating in the Dress Up Friday challenge and step out of your pajamas for a few hours to make yourself feel like your original and normal self. 

This challenge was started by sustainable fashion brand owner Mary Benson in order to advocate how staying in is the new going out. Here are our favourite picks from this challenge:

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🌛✨DRESS UP FRIDAY!!✨🌛 Hope you've all had a lovely week getting up to all sorts of creating, crafts, cooking delicious food/cooking up new ideas for work/life and catching up on work/home things you have put for months👍💗⭐💛 – Can't wait to see all your amazing outfits today!!! Make sure you tag me and #DRESSUPFRIDAY and I'll share as many as I can!✨🌞 – So today I'm wearing my rust velvet Jethro flares, they are available in sizes 6-30 on my website and totally hands down the comfiest yet glam pair of trousers I own!!! Also wearing my beautiful vintage Austrian blouse from @_rabbitmoon vintage. She has some AMAZING stuff at incredibly reasonable prices!! Drop her a message and support her business if you're looking for anything in particular. My lovely lace vintage waistcoat I got from a charity shop a few months ago, my favourite EVER sunglasses I bought from Greenwich vintage market and my sparkly starry slippers gifted to me from @grlpwrgang @uggineurope ✨Feel like I should go get up on stage now and perform I LOVE TO BOOGIE💛 (though I'm actually about to start making cushion covers and Make Your Own MARY kids packs🐌✨) – This is me by the front of my flat, quite hard to get a good spot to take a photo but oh well, it's not on my list of things to worry about!! Hope you all have a LOVELY day and weekend! I'm gonna do lots of baking, playing my ukelele, singing lesson tomorrow with @jenmayloves and playing and creating lots of lovely art with my beautiful boy (will also be getting involved with the @noel_fielding #ARTCLUB tomorrow too!) – Lots of love to you all xXxXx #DRESSUPFRIDAY #spreadjoy #happyvibes #marylondon

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These were some of the viral fashion challenges ongoing currently and each one of them somewhere focuses on us not losing our minds while being in homes 24X7. So, which one of these is your favourite and you would like to try? Share with us. 

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