Viva N Diva the clothing brand has taken an initiative to define beauty in its true sense. They have taken a first of its kind step, by signing an acid attack survivor Laxmi as their new face. They have made her brand ambassador, fashion industry where eye-pleasing outer beauty has raised the industry of cosmetics and artificial beauty treatments, this step is liberating. Viva N Diva has set the new meaning and given the true meaning of beauty “beauty is about accepting and living as you are not how ‘other’ want to see you”. Viva N Diva, the fashion brand took the responsibility to reconstruct the standards of fashion beauty by launching Lakshmi, an acid attack victim as the face of a fashion clothing line. This video showcases that photo shoot. Tell us if you also believe that courageous smile and her inner beauty is reflected through her eyes and smile:

In the words of Viva N Diva “we hope by this venture we could encourage the broken spirits of multiple woman who have suffered one or the other way to find their beauty and at the same time we encourage other industrialists to create more beautiful opportunities for these young beautiful women”. Ayushi Rastogi has developed as a way on “how to pay and do profit sharing”, the brand will work with Laxmi, the same way they have worked with regular models.

May this step will also help in changing the stereotypes prevailing in the society. Laxmi has not only survived, however, emerged out as a fighter and a supporter to make “stop acid attack” motto into an all India- Campaign. At the age of 16, a 32-years-old man threw acid on her face as she rejected his advances. After the incident, she could have lost her confidence; however, she focused on the ‘positive’ and believed that “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” As said by Eleanor Roosevelt. While commending these initiatives, Laxmi had shared her concern that still people have a hard time to understand that beauty doesn’t mean flawless skin and acid attack survivors are not “ugly and ghosts” as commoners and children call them. These initiatives will help them to be taken as any other normal human being.

Indeed, Laxmi is the face of courage and her story will remove the shortcomings that we have in our society. Instead of labeling herself as a victim, she portrayed a true spirit of a survivor.

12 Jan 2016
P. Rawat

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