Tom Ford once said “dressing well is a form of good manners”, we Indians have always had fine taste in many things in life. Fashion though has taken a backseat often as time passes, especially with men considering that fashion is a women’s department. Giving a complete wardrobe makeover of sorts may be an uphill task to achieve, but adding a couple of things to one’s wardrobe might mix it up a little and add a lot of style and class at the end of the day. Here are a few must haves in a man’s closet that will zest things up and increase the style quotient and make people take note of you.

10. The White Shirt:

The White shirt is one of the most common and safest clothes to wear at any occasion. Be it an office meeting or a sombre party with friends, the classic white shirt is some classic bet men can vouch upon.

white shirtA crisp white shirt will set the ball rolling, be it in terms of business or at a party. A word of advice to all men out there, every women admires a man in this attire.

9. Blue Pair Of Jeans:

Everybody owns a pair of jeans. But the right fit and size of jeans matter the most. The blue jeans with a t-shirt or a light coloured plain shirt will give a laid back perfect weekend look on a man.

blue jeans The jeans now have many fittings and shades like narrow, slim, ripped, studded and faded ones. Experiment on a few ones until you perfect the look.

8. The Perfect Suit:

Even if you have just one suit in your closet, make sure that it bodes well for every occasion in town, be it a wedding, job interview or an office event. The one thing you have make sure is the fact that it is tailor-made and is a perfect fit.

men suitsIt should be of the fine shade and colour to get the elegance and style perfect, rather than look like clown.

7. The Corporate Style Tie:

The tie is a must have in every working man’s wardrobe. The famous corporate tie should usually be in contrast to the colour of the suit.

The Corporate StyleA bright coloured tie shows that one has the self-confidence to pull off the bold look.

6. Traditional Kurta:

India is a country where festivals are a daily affair and having a kurta is more of a necessity than a matter of style statement.

kurta Be it a simple Kurta or a designer Kurta, everything is needed right from a family occasion to a workplace ethnic day party.

5. Cardigans and Sweaters:

The Cardigans and Sweaters give a man a sophisticated look on a cold winter day. A sharp looking man on a dull day, when there’s a nip in the air is a welcome sight to anyone. To pull off the look though one has to make sure they have the right fitting sweater with a banded end near the waist and the colour and design play a key role.

Cardigans and SweatersThe Cardigans should either be in plain dark colours or have patterns. One shouldn’t look drab and boring with a sweater on them. Make sure you keep these points in mind the next time you go shopping for winter wear.

4. Sandals And Loafers:

You are in no mood to wear shoes and want to put your legs on the table and laze around all day. We get it, but that doesn’t essentially have to be at the cost of alerting the fashion police into taking counter measures to prevent further damage.

mens loafers and sandelsA simple leather sandals in the usual brown tones or a pair of decent loafers will give the ladies’ wedges and high heels a run for their money.

3. Khaki And Chino Pants:

A pair of jeans to every place on earth isn’t the only solution to men’s dressing. A pair of fine fitting Khaki pants and Chino pants will set the tone to many places. Be it a flight travel for a business meeting or a long day at work or a Sunday morning at the golf course, these pants come to rescue at various times and places.

Khaki and Chino pants Chinos come in various hues, give them all a try and you will give your all-time favourite jeans a break occasionally.

2. The Cool And Trendy Jacket:

The jacket comes in handy most of the times in a country like India where the weather is highly unpredictable. The stylish jacket will add the oomph factor while at a party or also while riding on the bike in the dusty lanes under the scorching sun.

men's jacketsA light weight jacket can do pretty heavy duty stuff. Come on, give it a try now and see for yourselves a few ladies turn their heads and stare at you in appreciation.

1. The Black Formal Shoes:

The shoes are the first thing anyone observes in a person. The first impression you leave on your potential boss in an interview is through the kind of shoes you are wearing.

formal shoes The perfect shaped, sized shoe will not only add the formal touch to your attire, but also increases your morale and attitude at the work place. Stepping into the right shoes is a prerequisite for every man and is must have in their closet.

men's accessoriesAlong with the above mentioned list of apparel and accessories, there a few more things every man must have in order to complete his wardrobe like watches, scarves, blazers, t-shirts, waist coats, athletic and sportswear, perfect fitting shorts and boxers, varieties of belts all suited to go in tune to the occasion of wear.

Most importantly, the confidence with which one wears the clothes is what actually completes the look. Wear what is comfortable to you, your style has to be unique and original as copying others will fade out eventually. As Diana Vreeland, the empress of style said, “Style, all who have it have one thing in common: originality”.

Go out there men, experiment on your looks and try out all trends!! Happy styling!!

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15 April, 2016

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