One of the most successful and popular fashion brands operating in India, H&M is about to unleash a piece of good news in the country. So what is that?

Well, it might not be entirely incorrect to say, one of young India’s favorite fashion brands, H&M is about to open a lot many physical stores in the times to come in the country.

In the last half a decade of operating in the country, H&M has undergone a lot of change. Having arrived in the country on October 2, 2015, H&M has gone from being a newcomer in one of the most competitive retail markets in India into being a brand one reckons, brings more than a smile onto the buyer’s face.

A sense of style that stems from a wonderful array of apparel choices that don’t burn a hole in one’s wallet. And at the end of the day, if a brand can cater to different sensibilities and varying fashion-related choices without one having to stress out to shell big bucks- why not!

That being told, the Swedish brand’s philosophy, if it could be put that way, has been catering to a market defined by a young DNA. Whether you are a geeky teenager stuck with video games, a techie who can’t live without Cappuccino on the go and the laptop, a young homemaker about to shop for the much-anticipated honeymoon, a start-up whizz specializing in expert powerpoints, one who can’t do without a crisp white shirt and black denim, H&M has something for everyone and more.

H&M | H&M to open more retail stores in India
Image Source: The Today Show

It’s a place where one simply cannot find a dearth in choices, should one put it that way.

That being said, what’s making great news is the fact that in a year where there’s been tremendous existential challenges for organisations sans nature of industry and strength of workforce, here’s H&M wanting to expand its base in India.

So where it stands at the moment, then the Vasteras, Sweden-based fashion apparel name is all set to open two new physical stores in the country. This includes- one each at Lucknow and Bhubaneswar.

That being said, another positive piece of news surrounding H&M is that recently the brand’s online channel- according to updates- covered 96% pincodes in India through its own digital channel and in partnership with Myntra, another famous brand that’s become a strong force in the retail fashion market.

In a recent media interaction, the brand’s Country Manager Janne Einola explained the following about the current strategy and as to what lays ahead:

“In India we are relatively small and there is great potential to grow with physical stores as well as digital in future. So for us physical stores remain incredibly important and we want to ensure that we have the right stores at the right locations also in the future.”

That being said, a report published on Livemint also covered the story in greater detail, from which stemmed the major changing narrative of the brand, which also perhaps explains why the e-shopping or online shopping route might be the best choice for the brand:

Earlier this month, the Swedish retailer had announced that it will close 250 stores globally next year in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic as consumers are increasingly shopping online. It has 5,000 stores worldwide.

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That being said, it would be wonderful to note what kind of excitement might H&M bring to the citizens of Lucknow, one of the most culturally-rich and integral cities of the country.

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