You wake up. Already tired, because who does wake up feeling refreshed and amazing in real life? Get out of your bed while checking your phone and panning intensely through every social media notification you receive, along with keeping a check on what has happened in the past 6 hours when you’re sleeping. Then you get fresh, bathe, eat something and finally get ready to conquer the day.

Then, over the course of your entire day, there are various problems that you might have to face. These are not some work, family or peer-related problems that can be solved by constantly talking or thinking about them but rather the ones that have the capabilities to either make or break your day.

These are called – Fashion Problems.

Every woman goes through a lot of fashion problems, more than once in their daily lives and the tension and aberration with the entire thing are real. Something one just can’t let go off.

In case, you want to go through them, on paper, here are 8 fashion problems every girl faces in their daily lives.

1. When your outfit’s zip gets stuck

A stuck zip brings more panic than any amount of phobia one could think of. This includes hundred different ways of copping up with a problem, while thinking about the worst that could happen and how you would make it through the entire day.

2. When you feel too much of your bra.

Bra is an extremely important item for every girl due to all the support and look it gives, however, it’s also an extremely uncomfortable thing to be stuck in for an entire day. But, nothing is worse than feeling too much of your bra. No one wants to be in that position.

3. When the off-shoulder refuses to cooperate.

Off-shoulder look amazing, however, there’s one truth about them that no one knows, until and unless they have worn an off shoulder themselves, and that’s the sheer refusal off-shoulder clothing items have in terms of cooperating with the person who is wearing it. Most of us have been through situations like these and they’re definitely one of the worsts.

4. When extra-you appears while sitting with a crop top on.

We are strong and confident women who love themselves, along with all the flaws we have, however, there’s a different kind of feeling attached to the equation of one sitting with a crop top on. The belly fat is even more significant after a heavy meal.

5. When you miss out on a great sale.

Nothing haunts us more than the clothes we didn’t buy and the sales we missed.

6. When your tucked-in shirt comes out.

It’s everywhere, the entire outfit is totally destroyed and there’s nothing that can bring it back to the original anymore.

7. When a single nail chips of.

You got a manicure recently and now your nails look the best, and then the time comes when a single nail decides to go its separate way and chips off. A struggle no word can describe.

8. When your earring gets tangled in your hair.

Ahh!!! No, not again. We can’t untangle our earphones without leaving our cool and one expects this mystery to be solved. Like how???

So, ladies, don’t we just hate to face any of these fashion problems and yet have to face them, almost every day?

Jyotsna Amla

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