Beards are one of the most stylish trends. Hot beard style never goes out of fashion. A man with a suitable beard always wins the eyes of many. Growing a beard is not an easy task, all the patience, time, efforts and dedication that takes to grow a beard is exhausting and for that men deserve the right to demand attention. Imagine you are putting all these efforts but failed to keep an impressive beard style, simply because you jumped onto the bandwagon of beard trends.

A full beard definitely gains the most momentum but that doesn’t mean that you follow every tom dick and harry in terms of grooming your facial hair. Your beard has a lot to do with your personality and you can’t simply decide to give it a look that doesn’t even suit your face after all it will hamper your appearance and haven’t you heard about “First impression is the last impressiontheory? First if you haven’t heard about this then my friend you are living in the Jungles of Mowgli and second you should know that it is absolutely true.

There are many factors you should keep in your mind and the most important is the shape of your face. Braun associated with Business Insider and they have come up with some really cool trends. They have designed a detailed infographic that will help you to choose a trendy and hot beard style according to your face. They have displayed different beard styles for different faces that will help you to decide a perfect bearded look for your handsome visage.

If you really like to experiment with your looks then go on recognize the shape of your face and choose accordingly and you will be ready to roll. A bit of a groomed and stylish beard is definitely in.

Check Out This Cool Graphic To Figure Out The Style:

Beard Styles
image source: Business Insider

4 May, 2016
Avni S. Singh


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