5 Ways To Apply Your Glitter Nail Paint Perfectly!

Glitter Nail Paint. Well, mastering the perfection of applying Glitter Nail Paint is one hell of a work. I mean no matter how much you try it never gets a smooth finish and although, we do have our mood swings over loving glitter and hating it but, we all know that we love how our nails sparkle after we put those glittery nail paint on.

We know we love the feeling that we almost have all the rainbow colors dancing on our nails but the bitter truth is that we absolutely hate that it consumes a lot of our time and we have to apply coats over and over and over to make it look perfect which is just irritating and still it looks patchy. (Mindfu*k)

So, to save you from the battle of putting Glitter Nail Paint decently we here have a brilliant tutorial video by Kelli Marissa who is a beauty blogger, and we bet you will never have to struggle for perfect glittery nails again.

We have broken her video into 5 steps:

1. Apply A Clear Basecoat To Give Your Nails A Smooth Start.

Glitter Nail Paint

2. Use Latex Paint (Or You Can Also Use A PVA glue) Around The Edges Of Your Nails.

Glitter Nail Paint

3. Take A Sponge And Dab Glitter Onto Its Corner ( A Lot Of It).

Glitter Nail Paint

4. Pat That Glittery Part Of Sponge Onto Your Nail And Keep Applying Layers Till It Gets Fully Covered By Glitter.

Glitter Nail Paint

5. Now Remove The Latex Pain And Finish It off With A Topcoat!

Glitter Nail Paint

See That Was Easy?

Glitter Nail Paint

Well, Watch The Video Here In Case You Still Want A Play By Play!

(Video Source: Kelli Marissa

PS. – Instead of using a Glitter Nail Paint, you can also use glitter powders and make your nails disco glittery.

Stay Tuned And Stay Beautiful!

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