11 Funniest Fashion Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud !

The Internet is quick and so are Twitterati. No matter what, when, where and why but as soon as our Indian celebrities post pictures, Indian Twitterati voice their opinion in no time. I mean they have opinions about everything and they never back down to deliver it laced with sarcasm and hilarious commentary.

2016 has seen many fashion blunders and everytime twitter has delivered some of the funniest tweets ever. While there were thousands of them on the list, we have picked 10 of the funniest of them all.

Here Are 10 Funniest Fashion Tweets That Will Make You Roll On The Floor:

1. Too Much Or Too White ?

2. Even Blue Eyes Couldn’t Save Him!

3. Desperate Much!

4. ROFL!

5. Shahid, Sonam Kapoor-Kapoor!

6. My Eyes!

7. The Face Expressions! Hahahah!

8. Even Deepika Wasn’t Spared!

9. So That’s Why It Looked Familiar!

10. She Is Not Wearing This Dress Ever Again!


11. Ready For The Surprise?

Still Laughing ? So Are We ! Hahahahahaha!!

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1 December 2016
Avni S. Singh

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