Is that even a possibility? If you have to read here it means something is amiss and after numerous socially awkward interactions you have decided to do something about it, and that… a good start. Humour is just like your breakfast eggs. You will not have it someone else’s way and they may not like yours but we all enjoy our own and it would be wonderful if we could all sit and enjoy it together. A lot of it comes from the family and is acquired through our formative years from various sources such as our friends, colleagues or even our favourite TV shows. Here’s how to develop a sense of humour and make everyone you laugh out loud.

Developing Sense of humour

Life becomes a lot easier when you have a humorous disposition. People want to be around someone who could make them laugh. A lot of time humour is cultural and we should not dislike what we don’t get at first. Jokes usually have a context without knowing which they come to pass without cracking you up.

There are a lot of veteran jokes in the United States of America which are not understood or accepted when you go eastward. Similarly, to roast someone on prime time is a very popular form of comedy here whereas elsewhere it may be frowned upon. Southerner jokes which do the rounds in Coastal or Mid West America are considered crass by the 16 states down south.

It is most important that our ‘sense of humour’ is “good” as that is what makes us civil in our social interactions. Even criticism is well received with a dash of humour instead of harsh words. Jokes cracked in adverse times help forge lasting friendships. They can let you touch upon an otherwise difficult topic subtly.

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Here are 5 Easy Ways to Get Your Humour Game on – How to Develop a Sense of Humour

1. Go with what comes naturally to you.

If you remember something funny just say it as it was without hesitation. With practice, you will learn to get your timing right. What you already have inside also flows naturally, no explanations needed to ruin the moment.

2. Learn to laugh at yourself first.

We all act goofy sometimes. Instead of being defensive, you should laugh off small things and take them in your stride. People also respond as you do to an awkward situation.

3. Try not to be offensive.

Some jokes may just be a taboo subject in particular gatherings. Learn to spot the difference. Never make a joke at the cost of someone and everybody in the room will have a great time.

How to develop humour

4. Learn to respond well to someone else’s joke.

If you can’t take a joke well try at least to be civil and pass a smile. Afterall not everyone responds to humour in the same way. If you can display your amusement just say ‘that was funny’.

5. Watch more comedies and stand-ups.

Comedy shows are found to be funny by most people. If you keep exploring you will find your match and also get to know what other people laugh at. Standup comedians have a way of bringing humour to you in ways you may never have imagined. This also widens your perspective of what others may find funny.

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If someone is funny it does not mean they are not serious about life. Humour may be their coping mechanism. Even a dying man can enjoy a joke. Some find life itself funny. Whatever floats your boatman. So, what are you waiting for? Follow these tips on how to develop a sense of humour & make everyone around you go ROFL.

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