Most women like a good fragrance. It enhances their style and adds gravitas to their personality. You may have heard that there is not a woman who is not beautiful. To that end, it may be true to simply add that what adds to the charm of a woman is not essentially restricted to the physical attributes. Well, not entirely. That’s never sufficient.

Here’s a simple, non-complex example.

Would you ask a woman out for a date who was pretty but dressed in a horrible attire? When a man and a woman seek to take their relationship to the next level, it is but a pre-requisite to taking the kind permission and blessings of one’s respective well-wishers (read elders) in order to form a marriage alliance. Now, who would want to take an oddly dressed man to one’s parents when asking for the blessings from the elders? The reverse, therefore, also holds true.

On those lines, women attach a sort of effervescence to their personality when they decorate themselves in ornaments that enhance their personality. A great lip-shade and makeup may only bejewel them physically. But peppering themselves with a fantastic fragrance would, quite simply, make a princess of them.

And that is precisely what a modern woman aspires to be. Then, whether she is a fashionista, an enchantress dressed avidly in jovial colours, or at best a modest style diva, the allure of the right fragrance adds that extra bit of charm always. In most cases, therefore, simply stepping out of one’s home without one’s favourite fragrance is, in no way, a good omen.

In an age where beauty is increasingly being defined and redefined, some of the best perfumes of women aren’t essentially those that come with a weighty price tag. In fact, some of the best perfumes for women are but a way of life. For every sport-inclined man who wishes to spend a Sunday watching Rugby or Footsie on the home television and sofa alignment with friends at home for a company, there are as many women who love to hang out with the girlies drizzling with a simmering fragrance.

That said, what are some of the best perfumes for women in 2018?

Paris Hilton’s Can Can

best perfumes for women

There are women who possess a touch of class. And there are women who own an ebullient streak of sorts, one marked by some flair. Paris Hilton, the famous socialite belongs to the latter league.

What’s often kept Paris going in popular culture is just the number of appearances she’s had in leading thrifty parties all around the globe. As it is, the life of a hotel heiress is often convoluted grandeur and sparkle, some fanfare as well as some controversies.

Now simply imagine a mish-mash of the above and imagine it in terms of a fragrance. You’d find yourself immersed in exactly the same essence as what Paris Hilton’s life signifies when you spray some inexplicably interestingly named Can Can on yourself.

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey

best perfumes for women
Issey Miyake’s L’Eau d’Issey
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In a lighter sense, perhaps the actual aroma of this particular fragrance is about as uncomplicated as the real pronunciation of a rather competitive name, something that can challenge the mere existence of vowels.

A simply brilliant perfume, amongst the best perfumes for women for 2018 according to popular culture websites and online journals, the enigma of this non-tendentious fragrance is captured well by the somewhat simplistic yet captivating bottle design.

What also plays a handy factor culminating in increased sales for this fragrance is the fact that the aroma is said to last for 12 hours.

Black Opium from YSL


One of the most intriguing and yet, compelling brands on the fashion landscape, YSL isn’t particularly known for its signature women’s fragrances. Although it’s remarkable lineage of fashion accessories, most noticeably, the bags lend a sense of gravitas to a fashion powerhouse from France, a destination from where style often finds a new meaning, leading to a shape-shifting trend.

But, at the same time, if there was a perfume that could reignite the case for YSL being a go-to brand for the transcendent and vivacious woman of the 21st century- an age where women are more than just crude bosses at corporate’, rather artists, writers, bloggers and social activists- then Black Opium would argue for that case rather exceptionally.

The appeal for this fragrance is growing by the tick of the clock; it’s refreshingly bold and keen to underline the non-corrosive spirit of the go-getter woman of today.

La Vie Est Belle by Lancome


Lancome, Paris is about as intricately related to shaping the looks and physical contours of the 21st-century woman as is the charm that Paris’ expressive and accommodating air brings about. The makeup accessories and the vivaciousness of the brand has sort of filled new oxygen into the line of signature fragrances, exclusively meant for the trendy diva.

Perhaps what makes La Vie Est Belle by Lancome amongst the best perfumes for women today is the free-wheeling and carefree aura of this perfume and the subtlety that this easy-going perfume brings to the woman. It’s growing into a cult of sorts. And it’s not too hard to know why.

Daisy Eu So Fresh by Marc Jacobs

best perfumes for women
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It’s about time we admitted that there’s no stopping Marc Jacobs. The celebrated American fashion-icon, decorated justly with the Order of Arts and Letters is someone who’s not only respected for his fashionable creations- charming sunglasses to elegant formal attires but someone who’s also finding reverence from the world of cinema and arts.

Marc Jacobs is an unflinching testimony to the achievements that unstoppable commitment to one’s work fetches as an earnest return. There’s a reason why he has been regarded by everyone, whether the Elizabeth Taylor or Winona Ryder, desired by red-carpet walking fashionistas in the West and admired by caricaturists working hard in art institutes and fashion house interns.

The Daisy Eu So Fresh is the quintessential tribute to the ultimate essence of women; if you come to think of them being represented by the flowery beauty of sorts.

What makes a woman appealing to men is how she smells. A great contributor to shaping the feminine intimacy with a male is the fragrance. The Daisy by Marc Jacobs extends and owns the tribute for the ultimate woman.

And if you were to explore a little further, you’d realise that is not all. There’s more to this perfume than just being a singular representation of a truly avid flower.

The middle notes of jasmine, apple blossom, violet, and rose balance the fragrance perfectly. Isn’t that a reason enough to bathe yourself in this spunky fragrance?

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