Not only adolescents suffer from blemished skin. Many adults are also plagued by so-called blackheads. But how do these small, dark spots appear in the skin and How to prevent blackheads from forming? Let’s find out.

In the skin layer called the dermis, there are small glands in the upper area that produce a greasy substance: sebum. This substance is also responsible for protecting the skin. It migrates outwards through small channels and flows off naturally. However, if these channels become blocked due to excessive sebum production, a barrier is usually formed at the exit, under which sebum accumulates – a blackhead develops. Because the dark pigment melanin is embedded in the plug and reacts chemically with oxygen, the dark color of the blackheads often arises.

Prevent blackheads from forming

As we know, blackheads are caused by excessive sebum production, which ultimately clogs the pores. Sebum production can have many different reasons like hormones, unhealthy nutrition, and harmful facial products. But with the right skincare, you can counteract the formation of blackheads.

How to deal with blackheads
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Above all, proper skin cleansing is an important factor. You should rely on products that do not dry out the skin and are very mild. Cleaning agents against impure skin are ideal here. Products with tea tree oil are also good. These have an antibacterial effect and prevent the formation of blackheads and pimples. It is best to wash your face with water twice a day and then cleanse it. 

Peels also help to counteract pesky blackheads. Here too, rely on mild care that is suitable for blemished skin. Peels help remove grease and dirt, but should not be used more than 2 times a week.

It is also important to provide your skin with sufficient moisture. Again, you can use a cream for blemished skin. This prevents excessive sebum production and thus prevents blackheads. Make sure that your facial products do not contain alcohol, as this dries out the skin and also destroys the protective coat.

Blackhead prevention peel

How to cure blackheads
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To prevent blackheads from forming, you can also use a peel once a week. A homemade scrub made from olive oil, sugar, and honey is ideal for removing blackheads. Olive oil is a natural oil, the sugar, unlike salt, is not too sharp and the honey has an antibacterial effect. Just mix everything together. You should apply the peeling on the dry face skin because the olive oil only cares for wet skin and does not cleanse deep into the pores.

Toothpaste against blackheads on the nose

Blackheads may interfere with the complexion and you would want to get rid of the greasy black plugs quickly. Toothpaste can actually help. The reason for this is the drying effect. If you want to use the home remedy, make sure that you use the simplest possible white toothpaste without whitening properties.

Wash your face first and dry it well. Spread the toothpaste thinly on the nose and let it dry out completely. Then wash the toothpaste thoroughly with a washcloth and warm water.

Prevention from blackheads

Though, the result of using toothpaste can be different for each person. For some toothpaste helps against blackheads on the nose, for others, everything gets worse with skin drying out more than it should.

This is because toothpaste contains numerous ingredients that are not intended for use on the skin. Allergic reactions can be caused resulting in even more blemishes that you need to remove. We would suggest you to do a skin test before applying it.

Steam Bath

Steam bath for blackheads prevention
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You can also make a steam bath and then squeeze the blackheads with a blackhead squeezer. You should disinfect the squeezer with alcohol. Never use your own fingers as there is always fat and bacteria there. You can also inflict small wounds on your fingernails. Alternatively, you can remove the blackheads after showering.

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The warm water vapor opens the pores and you can express the blackheads without problems. If you are unable to remove the blackhead despite exerting more pressure, wait another day. Do not increase the pressure under any circumstances, as this will only damage the skin.

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