Our hair is one of our most prized possessions which can make or break one’s look in an instant, which is also the reason why so many of us spend an awful amount of money in the care and styling of it. While earlier taking care of one’s hair was just considered to be a woman’s stress, the trend has slowly transcended on men too, who are making salon visits almost weekly. However, in the midst of all this, we just can’t ignore the number of chemicals we are constantly throwing in our hair to make it look good. Right from our shampoos to our styling, everything has some sort of chemicals in it which is why the need for some homemade shampoo recipes is at its peak.

In this piece, we’re talking about just that, homemade shampoo recipes, and how adding just some few and readily available items in our shampoos can change the entire game for us.

We have been taught time and again to mix some ingredients and whip up a face mask for ourselves, then why don’t we practice the same for our hair? There are some really amazing items present in your kitchen cabinet that can bring a whole lot of difference in the health of your hair. These items can make them shine, look healthy and some can even put the horrible problem of dandruff to an end. Here are some ingredients that you can add to your shampoos and whip up some great homemade shampoo in almost an instant.

1. Raw Honey


Raw honey is known for a lot of great things and one of those is its ability to help one in solving all of their skin, health and even hair related problems. Add raw honey to your shampoo and you have an amazing homemade shampoo which kills bacteria, thoroughly cleans the scalp, keep it healthy and fresh, and restores moisture in your hair. Moreover, it adds shine to one’s hair for which you will otherwise have to shed thousands of bucks.

2. Rose Water

Rose Water

Rose water is considered to be a holy grail product that should be present on almost everyone’s cabinet. As for making a homemade shampoo, just add a cap full of it in your shampoo, if you’re suffering from the dry and itchy scalp because of all the sweat and dirt that accumulates in one’s scalp in this diabolic heat. In addition to all of these amazing things, rose water also adds shine to your hair and even spurs hair growth.

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Have you ever noticed while washing your hair under a shower a certain kind of froth appears from your scalp? This is basically different kinds of products getting built up in your scalp. These products never actually wash away since we’re always using some or the other kind of product on our hair but if you really wish to wash them away then add lemon juice to your hair. This will not only strip away the product build up but would also bring life back to your otherwise dull and lifeless hair.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the answer to every problem of yours, at least that’s what we have learned over the course of anything homemade and natural. Another example of it is adding aloe vera to your shampoo and whipping up homemade shampoo which cleanses, nourishes and protects your hair from damage. Moreover, it helps in getting rid of dandruff and itchy scalp, and even promotes hair growth along the way.

5. Amla


Amla is considered to be well-kept and simultaneously, a well-known secret to great hair. It stimulates the scalp and puts an end to hair fall while adding strength and making it stronger than ever before. Amla is also known to nourish the hair shaft and spur hair growth which is everything that anyone wants their hair to have.

6. Essential Oil

Essential Oils

We already know how great and effective essential oils in general are, and they can equally be amazing in terms of making homemade shampoo. You can mix different essential oils, like tea tree, lavender and any other to your shampoo. This mix helps in stimulating hair growth, prevents hair fall and even slows down the graying process.

These were some of the easiest and readily available ingredients that you can add to your shampoo and make a homemade shampoo in an instant. Do remember to not use any shampoo that has paraben or sulfate or any other chemical in it.

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