Wedding, party and the festive season is all about looking and feeling your best. It is also about making those gazillion trips to the parlour in order to look your best and have the perfect side of yours shine through. Which is why we all need one of those facials that give us a glow like no other and make head turns for a second look at us.

Astaberry Biosciences has introduced its new Diamond Facial Kit which gives us a glow to live and die for. It offers a radiant and ecstatic skin glow that can even give the bride or the party’s centre of attention, a run for their money. But before we divulged in the brilliance of Astaberry’s Diamond Facial Kit let’s go through some of the amazing benefits of diamond facials and why it is the most preferred facial for Indian women.

1. Exfoliates

Diamond facials not only help your skin shine but diamond is also considered an amazing exfoliation agent. It removes dead skin and boosts cell regeneration in your skin which makes your skin look hydrated and nourished to the T.

2. Anti-ageing

With the diamond dust present in the creams that are used during the facial, the blood circulation in your face is stimulated that prevents a ton of ageing related problems and issues. It delays the signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles, along with offering a glow.

3. Detoxifies

We are stepping out of our homes on a regular basis and this means a ton of dust and pollution attack on our skin. This settles in our pores and can have an adverse effect on our skin which makes the use of diamond facials even more important. It detoxifies your skin and keeps it clean and refreshing.

Facial4. Controls breakouts

If you’re someone who has a regular feast with acne, pimples and breakouts in general then trust us, facials can change your life. It cleans your pores and goes on to control the breakout action on your skin, leaving you with a nourished, refreshed and glowing skin.

5. Brightens your skin

Last, but not the least, diamond facials help your skin in brightening up and showing the glow of a lifetime. It also makes your skin a bit lightened up since all the gunk is out of it leaving behind a blemish and dirt free skin.

These were some of the benefits of diamond facials in general, and Astaberry’s Diamond Facial Kit has the same kind of effects on your skin. In fact, there are some added benefits to it, like Astaberry’s Diamond Facial Kit contains ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Heera Bhasm, Carrot Oil and Bearberry Extracts. An amalgamated blend of these ingredients is said to offer luminosity and vivacity to your skin for a long time. In addition to that, this facial kit also makes your skin look younger and youthful.

How to use Astaberry’s Diamond Facial Kit?

The entire kit comes in a black packaging which is chic and it contains four different tubes, that includes, diamond scrub, diamond gel + serum, diamond pack and diamond crème. Along with all of this, you also get a free Fruit Face Wash that cleanses your skin gently and leaves it feeling hydrated and nourished.

Astaberry’s Diamond Facial Kit is available for a nominal price of Rs 250 and it is available all across retail, modern outlets and e-commerce portals.RapidleaksSo, what are you waiting for? Get yourself this Diamond Facial Kit and get yourself a glowing and radiating skin for any occasion.

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