In recent years we have witnessed the shun of an era where men were only supposed to be raw or macho and with time they have learned to take care of themselves. Thank god, at least they have started understanding that practicing proper hygiene is not something you should be embarrassed by.

If you fall into the category of a man who doesn’t think that spending 15 minutes daily in front of the mirror just to set those hair right, nourish skin and pair your clothes with the proper footwear, doesn’t make you any less of a man but only a smarter one, then god bless you. You are the one who is the initial soldier of men grooming revolution.

With all that rage of beard and long locks among men, we have seen a variety of products that have been launched and used. 2017 was all about getting your hair right but it’s 2018 already and we want you to up your game a bit. So how about a few more grooming trends that will help you stay on the brighter side?

1. Your Hands Are A Statement.

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How many hands do you shake every day on average? 10 to 15 probably at least? Your hands deserve more attention than you actually provide them with. So keep them nourished because those chipped off cuticles are screaming that you don’t take care of yourself.

2. Face Masks Are Not Feminine.

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Seriously? Those face masks are on the market so that you can give your face a fresh air of breath. Just go on and grab one according to your skin. Let all the dust wash off your skin and tan fade off your handsome face. You don’t need to tell anyone but you surely need to use it.

3. Night Serum Might Keep Those Patches Away!


You know how your skin color differentiates and becomes patchy as it gets exposed to dirt and various weathers. The proper tan is hard to get and an uneven skin is never attractive. So opt for a night serum that rejuvenates your skin. You have to do it for yourself as it will make your skin look better for a long period of time. Swear that you will stick to an everyday routine with this one.

4. Those Pimples Need A Proper Medication.


Give rest to that thought that your alcoholic adventures are causing those pimples to pop on your skin and for your own sake, just visit a dermatologist. Take proper medication and stick to a diet recommended by him/her. Be a proud owner of a glorious skin.

5. Get Over The Obsession Of Too Much Hair.

Aquaman-MovieEven if bears have a choice, they would love to shave all clean. All those extra hairs, either on your head, beard, or any other part of the body (you know what we mean) need to be shaved off. Just get over that obsession. Appear neater and cleaner.

Just pledge to be a better-groomed man than before because you need to shine apart from others who are just careless gorillas! 

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