Everyone has their own bathroom routine. We become so habitual to most of the processes that we don’t even think about them anymore while following them daily. But it’s worth taking a retrospective look at your bathroom routine because with a few small changes, you can achieve many health benefits. Here are a few mistakes we make in the bathroom, every day.

Woman Brushing Teeth | Common Brushing Mistakes | Common Bathroom Mistakes

For many men, shaving is part of the start of the day. But if you shave wet and in the evening, you will benefit from removing the stubble before going to bed. The skin will have enough time overnight to recover from the micro-injuries and you would not have to rush to work with red pimples and in the worst case even with small bleeding. This routine applies to all the areas of the body.

It’s Better To Shave In The Evening And Avoid Shower Gel For Shaving

Many men and women like to use shower gel when shaving because it is faster. Just lather the body, shave, done. However, the dermatologists advise against it as shower gel can increase the irritation caused by shaving. Perfume and aggressive surfactants are often to blame. A moisturizing shaving cream without alcohol is more suitable. The blade slides over it more easily. A cream with aloe vera is soothing to the skin or dexpanthenol, which supports wound healing, is good after shaving.

Man Shaving | Common Shaving Mistakes | Common Bathroom Mistakes

Change Toothbrush Every Two Months – Common Mistakes We Make In The Bathroom

The toothbrush stands and waits for its use every day. But even if you use them often, it’s easy to forget to replace them regularly. Dentists recommend a new toothbrush every two months and immediately after a cold. Because bacteria and viruses collect in the bristles. The moist environment also promotes reproduction.

According to estimates, there is an average of 100 million germs on the toothbrush. To keep the colonization as low as possible, the toothbrush should always be rinsed thoroughly after brushing and placed upside down in the cup to dry. Besides, regular use puts a strain on the bristles. Often they stick out in all directions which risks small injuries in the mouth.

Leave Active Shampoos On Your Head For A Long Enough Time – Mistakes We Make In The Bathroom Unknowingly

If time is short in the morning, hair washing is often done quickly. But especially those who use shampoos with special active ingredients, for example against dandruff, should plan time. The scalp can only absorb the active ingredients with sufficient exposure time.

Dermatologists recommend leaving active shampoos on your head for five to ten minutes. Some shampoos even take longer to take effect. This is stated on the product. In the meantime, you can, for example, brush your teeth or even enjoy a coffee or tea. 

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Give The Bowel The Time It Needs

Warm drinks and caffeine stimulate bowel movements. This can be particularly beneficial in the morning when time is short. Gastroenterologists know that the intestine takes up to ten minutes for the natural intestinal motor skills to set in and for the intestine to do its job and his time should be given to the system.

If you need a little longer on the toilet ‘until it works’, a warm drink can be of great help. Heavy pressing and pushing are absolute no-gos. This increases the risk that the hemorrhoids will be problematic in the long term and is one of the most common mistakes we make in the bathroom every day.

How to Relieve Constipation

One should not dwell on the throne longer than necessary. Due to the sagging sitting posture, the anal region has to withstand a lot of pressure on the vessels and tissue. Sessions that are too long can also lead to hemorrhoids in the long term. You can use a toilet stool on which the legs can be used can provide additional support.

The resulting steeper angle between the rectum and anus ensures that the rectum is straightened and the stool can slide out more easily. According to intestinal experts, height between 20 and 30 centimeters is ideal.

Better Not To Wash Your Body With Shampoo

To save time, many people turn to shampoo to cleanse their bodies. Dermatologists advise against it, however, as it can lead to unsightly skin reactions. Shampoos usually have a strong degreasing effect to loosen the sebum from the scalp and hair.

While the scalp usually copes well with this, other areas of the skin can become unnecessarily dried out. Also, many active ingredients that are used in shampoos have no business being on the skin. These include, for example, climbazole and piroctone olamine, which are used against dandruff. Silicones are also not recommended for the skin.

Bathroom Hacks | Mistakes We Make in Bathroom Everyday

Excessive Intimate Hygiene Promotes Infections 

In the intimate area, you should generally avoid anything that foams. Shower gel and soap dry out the skin unnecessarily and weaken the natural defenses. This increases the risk of infections. Gynecologists advise cleaning the genital area only with water.

Caution is also advised with intimate washing gels and intimate deodorants with a fresh scent. Less is better down below. Many people also react to damp toilet paper with unpleasant irritation. The fragrances, preservatives, and humectants are not good for delicate skin.

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Do Not Completely Plane The Calluses Off The Feet

And even if women, in particular, find it annoying, too much callus should not be removed from the feet. A thin layer should always be left on the foot. It represents an important protective barrier against bacteria, viruses, and germs. Also, calluses reduce mechanical stress, such as those caused by shoes that are too tight. This prevents blisters and abrasions. So that your feet still look well-groomed and the callus remains supple, you should regularly apply the cream.

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