There are two different kinds of habits – good habits and bad habits. While good one helps you in transforming your life in a way one can’t even imagine, bad habits are something that can put a limit on your ambitions and dreams. Then there are habits that you’re not fully aware of. These habits have been inculcated in your daily schedule and they’re slowly and steadily killing your brain and body in some way or the other.

Some of the most apparent symptoms of these habits can be, you feeling tired all day every day, feeling hungry all the time and more importantly you keep on forgetting important things and tasks.

Here are your 10 everyday habits that are slowly killing you and there should be put an end to these.

1. Eating too much salt

Eating too much salt
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Salt can easily be considered one of the best condiments you can have with your food. It almost immediately enhances the taste of any food item and makes it drool-worthy. But more importantly, do you know, that eating too much salt as an everyday habit can lead to hypertension and can restrict blood flow which negatively impacts your brain and its focusing abilities.

2. Sitting on a desk all day

Sitting on a desk all day
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We are bound to be on our desk every day and work our a** off in order to meet deadlines and timelines and client’s expectation. However, in the race of meeting these deadlines and turning them into our everyday habits, we’re slowly killing our brains. When you move your muscles allows the pumping of fresh blood and oxygen through the brain which triggers brain-enhancing chemicals. So, if you’re spending too much time on your chair then stand up or else your brain functioning slows down.

3. Not drinking enough water

Not drinking enough water
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Our work life is a major part of our daily schedule and sometimes we get so worked up about it that we forget about much more important things of our life. Like, drinking water. Dehydration can cause your brain tissues to shrink, which leads to a negative impact on your cognitive thinking. So, have your water kids.

4. Eating diet-related food and beverages

Diet Food
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As bizarre as it sounds, the phenomenon is considered to be true as a study done by the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences. The study found that aspartame, a chemical used as a sweetener in diet food is said to hamper your brain’s functioning and its performance.

5. Not exercising

Not exercising
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Yes, we all know this was coming. Not exercising is not just a bad habit but a way of living which is every now and then criticized by almost everyone around you. The mantra of today’s life is to exercise as hard as you could or at least show the world that you did. So, if you are one of those who thinks that exercising is not their cup of tea and they are good the way they are, think again because exercising has tons of benefits and it needs to be inculcated in your everyday habits schedule. It helps you in rejuvenating your mind and body, moreover, it keeps you looking and feeling fresh for the entire day after the exercise.

6. Eating too much sugar

eating too much sugar
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There are some folks who don’t just have a sweet tooth but in fact, have a sweet life which is utterly empty without a daily dose of something sweet and delicious. However, do you know that these delicious desserts can impair your memory?

7. Not being hydrated

If there’s one mantra that each and every dietitian, doctor or trainer swears by, then it has to be the fact that our body needs to be hydrated all the freaking time. According to a recent study, dehydration leads your brain to shrink in size and has a negative effect on the cognitive performance of your brain.

8. Skipping breakfast

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No matter which diet you are trying in order to be fit and healthy, always remember to have your morning breakfast no matter what happens and try to turn it into your everyday habit. Skipping breakfast can decrease your blood glucose levels and it directly affects the functioning of your brain.

9. Speaking on phones for a longer period of time

Speaking on phone
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There have been various studies that state speaking on phone for a long time can lead to brain cancer. Now, no one is absolutely sure about it but when tried on rats it did withstand the result, so, put that phone down and go smell a breath of fresh air. And, if it’s urgent use the speaker mode or headset to make the talk.

10. Overeating


We all know how shitty it feels when you have mindlessly gulped down more food than your stomach’s capacity. Apart from making you feel bad for your food eating decisions, overeating also affects your brains functioning. As per a research, people who were overweight had a 22% lesser cognitive ability than their slimmer counterparts.

Now that you know about these 10 everyday habits that are messing your brain and life up, would you stay away from them or at least try to do your best in achieving the same? Let’s know in the comment section below.

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