There is often a person in any given group who constantly keeps reminding everyone of death in one way or the other. After all that’s the ultimate truth!

It is not that we do not think about death, some of us think of it at times while others simply do not pay it any heed and revel in the joys of everyday living. Then, there are those who think about it constantly, each of their thoughts and actions are compelled by death itself.

Such people are often labelled as gloomy or morose, but let me tell you, they are just uncaged. Why I say so? I’m one of them! We know that life is not that serious after all, we don’t have time to do all the things in the world and those material things do not matter.

Is your coffee not right? Too much traffic on the way to office? Or missed the elevator again? These small things which may spoil your mood tremendously for the whole day may seem pretty welcome when you think about having no more days to live at all.

So, when you accept death as a reality, you live each day with more enthusiasm, a little more wide eyed wonder. You start taking pleasure in planning a small shopping trip to the nearest mall or a weekend getaway to the next destination on your bucket list. You see things in a take it or leave it manner. There is no in between. You also see clearly as to what matters the most and not at all. Putting your priorities right gives you all the more time in this world to live it out.

You understand the difference between what others’ expect you to do’ and what you actually ‘want to do’.

When you realise life’s uncertainty, you tend to throw caution to the wind and kick out socially acceptable behaviour. You get the will to do as you like and don’t get elbowed down. You get busy doing instead of explaining why you are doing it. Life is too short to have regrets and to think about what other think about you.

You Have A Vantage Point

You look right through the petty issues plaguing the general masses and understand the grand plan that your life has for you. You never fret after a torn dress or a flat tyre.

You Get Rid Of Negativity

You have no tolerance for bull shit and you don’t stick around people, things or situations that bog you down. You develop wisdom to walk right out and away to the ones who fill your days with love and laughter.

You Cease To Be A Miser

The Sunday brunch is better if you have it on Tuesday! It seems wonderful to spend all your time and money doing exactly what you enjoy. After all who has seen tomorrow?

You Chose What Matters

Once it has been accepted that life will end one day, you select the most precious people, moments and memories and sometimes a favourite book and realise that nothing else matters.

You Find Your Impetus

The thought that one day you will be no more is quite stimulating for some people to start acting to prove their worth. They strive hard to leave a mark and contribute positively so as to leave the world a better a better place to live in.

You Stop Expecting Too Much

When you understand that the other person is also going to end up the same way as yourself, your expectations out of them almost recede down to nothing. You even handle disappointment better and are glad to have lived another day.

You Don’t Fret About Piddly Things

It adds a lot of life to your days when you stop minding the little things. It is a win-win situation when you understand what’s not worth it and move on to better things. When you will be no more people will do things their own way, so why trouble them with perfection anyway?

25 Feb 2015
Team Rapid

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