Have you ever met a person who is wondering about the reason behind even the tiniest thing that is happening around him/her? Oh, oh, you can be one too. Known popularly as geeks actually these people are pretty cool. They have a bug for knowledge that never gets satisfied with the appetite it gets, hence they tend to seek more knowledge.

Such people just love to know everything about everything and believe it or not, these people are actually smarter than most of the others as their brain becomes a hub of information. Well, not all of us can read books to find out the reason behind whatever it is we wanna know because let’s face it – Books aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. That is why we have videos people, it’s 2018 and you can actually read your school textbooks via videos (Thanks to BYJU’S), so learning about other topics of the world is pretty easy in recent times.

All you need to do is know, where to look, so if you are one of those nerds who love to store information and never gets bored of it, here are some youtube channels that will make you more informative, smarter and if possible knowledgeable.

1. PBS Idea Channel

From information about pop culture to the solution of sleeping problems, the channel introduces you to a hell lot of topics that you might never know about.

2. BrainStuff

What more could you possibly expect from a channel that actually tells you about Satanism and the uses of Asprin at one place? So cool huh?

3. SciShow

From the tiniest bug to the biggest beast, this science channel got it all covered. If you love anything about science at all, this one literally will feel like a boon.

4. Veritasium

The channel majorly covers machinery but t also talks about places and theories of Universe. You might get your head spinning over this one.

5. It’s Okay To Be Smart

Your daily habits, social issues, climatic change, the evolution over the years and what not. This channel actually justifies its name. It will certainly make you smart.

6. Vsauce / Vsauce2 / Vsauce3

Do you believe that nothing can actually get on your nerves so much so that you feel absolutely mindfucked? Well, wait till you see the videos of these channels.

7. The RSA

All the psychological reasons you were looking for are actually here. You can get an answer to the questions that you haven’t even asked yourself.

Well, the whole world is a treasure of knowledge and you cannot possibly consume all of it, however, to be smarter doesn’t hurt. Never stop the process of learning and be proud of the nerd you are. All these youtube channels got you covered.

Avni S. Singh

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