As soon as you hit puberty the need to be treated as an adult reaches on its par. While you can’t stop complaining anything and everything around, you also want everyone to understand that you are mature enough to handle things in life. To get away with everything as your brain tricks into believing that whatever is going on in your mind is correct and it’s a war. You against the world. This happens to everyone, isn’t it?

However, the reality is that with each passing year we at our yester-self and think that probably we acted immaturely and now you everything. The process continues till you hit your mid-twenties and as soon as you step in that stage of life, you look at life from a whole new perspective.

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You understand things differently, you think on another tangent, suddenly it all becomes inter-related, not only about you but about everyone around you. With this stage, you understand the concept of love never existed, you understand that the idea of love that sounds so alluring is not actually practically correct. You begin to explore and learn how to love and things make more sense.

Here Are Some Of Such Things That You Understand When You Hit Your Mid-Twenties.

1. Ambition And Independence

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Being with an artistic person sounds exciting in teenage but when you hit the middle of your 20s, you realize that the guy who is still asking his parents to pay off the rent of his studio apartment or a girl who is just clueless about her career, may not ever get serious. When you have to be the sole bearer of all the expenses while your other half indulges in his/her artistic endeavors turns you off madly.

2. Appearance

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No one like a partner who dresses up like a school kid or college person. Scrumble clothes, untidy hair, and shoes that have not been cleaned for years. A haywire look that appears as irresponsible as he/she could be. It makes you feel that you are with a person who is incapable of taking care of him/her-self and may never take care of you.

3. The Ability To Feed Yourself

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We are a generation of nuclear families (mostly), not only guys but girls also want their partner to have some cooking skills so that they can feed themselves when she is not around.

4. A Sense Of Humour

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Literally, sense of humor is what you look in a person you are in love with, not some senseless jokes you use to crack when you were in high school. To match the compatibility of the sense of humor become more important in your mid-twenties.

5. Planning Dates And Future Together

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You feel the need to go on dates you would remember for your life because the age of going on a date to the famous Maggi point got over with college. You also want your partner to have a clarity of future with you so that you can take the relationship forward or stop investing time in it.

6. Communicating And Addressing Problems

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Not the “F*uck You” fight that immature people have. You want to ditch the arguments and go for discussions that are directed towards the solution of the problems that you both are going through. You don’t want to fight as you both were just freed from a zoo. Basically, you want to be done being a mad head.

7. Disappearing Suddenly Is Not An Option Anymore

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As a teenager, it was fun to leave everything and go AWOL for as many days as you wanted. You thought, that you are not answerable to anyone. Now, you feel more responsible and going AWOL cannot be your scene as you understand that you have responsibilities towards your loved ones.

If you are in your mid-twenties, do let us know if you can relate to all these points and if you are still in an early twenty zone, wait for your turn, you will understand all these things sooner. Share this with someone who will completely relate to it.

Avni S. Singh

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